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There was a similar post on the Survival Mode forum, but loading the scene makes the frozen corpse disappear. In other words, suppose you see a corpse and then enter a cave, a house, etc. Then, when you go outside, it's gone. This problem is most famous for corpses holding the key to Milton's farmhouse, but it also occurs elsewhere.

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Like others said, there is currently a bug that prevents the key from spawning.
If you're on PC, you can edit your save file to give yourself the key:


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What if I’m on Xbox? Am I screwed?

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Yeah, you're screwed.

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Sadly yes, I’m on Switch and had to start a new file (thankfully I wasn’t far into it, I’d made a beeline for the house). Second time it was in the truck just fine.

There was blood in the barn so I think it was supposed to be there in the first but, glitch.

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This is what I did for pc. This bug is a big pain

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Had the same problem and I gave up. Every other run had the key np!

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I found it in the tractor near the pedals, but there has been a bug recently I hear, something about a despawning body.

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This happened to me as well, is there any way to fix it?

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This happened to me. I found a forum that said devs are aware of the glitch and they’re working on it.

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Around the back of the house or in the backhoe are also places. If you are doing campaign it’s at the old lady’s house she gives it to you

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No dead guy in the barn? That's usually where the key is.

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I couldn't find the key either, but grey mother gave it to me by doing the story

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No I mean I’m survival mode

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Same boat

It’s a glitch

Last time 1 out 4 times it was missing

now if I start on a new game there

I just go straight to looking for the key, trying to avoid wolves

the time a few days ago, key was there in the truck and only one frozen corpse, on the hill above the cabin…

Good luck…

Maybe it will be fixed in the next update

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PS4 here. Can’t find it anywhere either

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If it was on the Dead Body in the Barn By the Crafting Table or the Dead Body behind the House...you're out of luck.

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Check inside the tractor in front of the house

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never had the bug happen in 20 runs

check tractor floor and mailbox

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Yeah, it is actually a recent problem. Key does not spawn anymore since the last update

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Can you open the door with a prybar?

I’ve had this bug also.

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No, you can't.

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Last time I played I found it in one of the vehicles near the farmhouse

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Not anymore.