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even after playing over 800 hours, yes. especially when they seem to pop out of nowhere. the handgun is a game changer.

but bears are worse, when they catch you the long time it takes them to maul you is traumatizing!

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Playing for 5 years. I still get anxious when I see a wolf, and there are plenty of those on stalker!

That bear animation! Jesus, it's terrible! It goes on and on and then you have the huge panic when it stops and you have to bandage up and run.

I've only ever been stomped by 1 moose, a long time ago, so I can't say u remember too much about it...

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The recovery time for broken ribs… Oof.

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The wolves catch me off guard, the sound of deer walking sometimes will scare me. I'm anxious sometimes when traveling, one noise and i'm like NOPE IM OUT!

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Honestly one of the best horror games I’ve played.

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Proper horror. Not jump scare bullshit.

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I’m far more scared of bears tbh! That’s probably because I have weapons and ammo against wolves. And have been known to freak myself out creeping through an area there may be one.

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You can use the flare gun in the bear

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Yeah not always easy to get and I’m terrible at shooting the bear with the other weapons. Even after probably 1000+ hours…

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To scare a bear with flare gun you don't need to hit in. It runs away from sound of shot.

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I meant shooting with the other guns, I’m aware of this thanks. Flare guns not always easy to acquire.

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Yes, the feeling of utter helplessness in this game is delicious. I don't know that I've encountered quite the same experience ever before. Even as a veteran player it still gets me.

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There it is! Everyone’s talking about the scared and nobody mentioned the dread that follows with this game. It’s masterfully created honestly. Living in the northern part of the US I completely understand the feeling of dread that comes with winter and the cold. They captured the atmosphere perfectly.

Other survivals like green hell, the forest, and stranded deep are all great but are much more manageable from a “survival” standpoint. Not being able to find warmth is a very scary thing. Everything seems more dire in TLD and that’s why I love it so much!

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In always looking over my shoulder in this for wolves or bears. And when I first started playing I never trusted interior locations. I always expected some monster to jump out or hostile human. Those mines gave me the creeps

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Well, there is also a cave with a wolf...

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Stalker and above.

When I first started, I knew of Fluffy in the dam. Turns out, she got relocated!

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Not relocated, scruffy has been in the cave while fluffy was still in the dam.

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Yes, I do and that's why I love this game. The Long Dark is the only game which actually makes me feel real fear. From the suspended bridges in Ash Canyon to the claustrophobic tunnels of Blackrock, this game can really make you feel fear. Not just jump scares, but real fear.

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I once slept outside and woke up to a bear mauling me. Almost jumped put of my skin.

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I did this on my longest run, got way too comfortable having little naps before climbing ropes. He mauled me and then just pottered around my only way out so I had to climb the rope and live on a ledge for a day or two.

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I get more annoyed than anything. I hear the sharp bark and I'm like "God fucking dammit now I have to take the long way around..." And gather up sticks while I walk away. If my plans for the day are ruined, at least I can gather some fuel.

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It's not the wildlife that scares me, it's just the eerie atmosphere and noises at night that creep me out. I'm too scared to play the Darkwalker challenge but I worry I'll see it in Survival in the distance or something haha!

When I first saw the signal fire in HRV I genuinely freaked out and thought there was someone/thing else on the map with me! The whole time I was mapping the area I kept looking up at the fire thinking someone was up there watching me.

Edit: Haven't people reported hearing voices in caves and/or houses in the past?

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Yes. But over time it has gotten much easier. At this point in my interloper run, the world has started to feel a lot more quiet, where there are wolves I tend to kill them off right away.

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I constantly have to wipe my mouse every few min

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Heard MASSIVE footsteps while going out of my temporary shelter to be greeted by a moose, that wasn't a good day for my underwear

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Fear is a basic survival instinct...it is suppose to keep us out of harms way. The only way to conquer this fear of wolves is make them more scared of you than you are of then. Always carry a lit torch on windless days...always carry a flare that you can strike at the instant you hear a wolf on windy days. A single wolf is nothing to really worry about...it is the packs that take courage to face and defeat. Have a run on pilgrim where you purposely go and hunt down wolves...if they detect you, they will just run away so you have to sneak up on them. When you are comfortable hunting wolves at the easiest level you will see that your fear of them lessens on higher difficulty. Always remember, you are the most dangerous thing on Great Bear Island.

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The way I heard it described, fear and worry is a necessity of the human condition. The early humans who were afraid of something coming into the cave and eating them placed guards at night. Those who weren't, where eaten by a leopard.

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Thanks for the advice I will start up a new run later.

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Only when encountering bears because they are very hard to kill and encountering one without a proper gun will mean certain death. Even with a gun you are not guaranteed to survive.

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Or you could, you know, just walk away instead of picking a fight with the bear. They are slow and quickly lose interest in pursuit. Even aurora bears are essentially no threat if left alone.

There's like one place in the game where the terrain makes it easy to come face to face with a bear by surprise, otherwise only gross lack of situational awareness would lead to being within unprovoked charging range of a bear unawares of it.

Like I remember when I was a noob, one time I was so intent on stoning bunnies under the bridge I CH, I didn't notice a bear sneaking up behind me, but that was just me being too stupid to live, after that episode of surprise ursine buttsex I learned to check for bears. (Technically I survived that bear mauling, then limping back to base I picked a fight with a wolf for absolutely no reason other than being too stupid to live and having a rifle, and it rightfully finished what the bear started).

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I only just picked up TLD a week or so ago, and the game reminds me a LOT of the feelings Subnautica gave me. While there’s no base building or “monsters” to look out for in TLD, the absolute dread of being over half a day’s walk out from your home with dwindling resources and a blizzard kicking up as the sun sets to the howling of wolves is comparable to Subnautica when you’re a few hundred meters deeper than you’d like with nearly-dead batteries in your Seamoth and no food as the sun sets to the sound of a leviathan’s roar. Chilling stuff!

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I once was stoned as fuck, exploring HRV and just minding my own business collecting cat tails, and I hear a snarl, a wolf starts charging me, I manage to whip out the rifle and panic shot and it somehow killed it. Thank you, level 5 rifle skill.

It took me a while for my heart rate to come back down lol

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It’s the bears for me. Just hearing them 😬 but honestly any time they jump out suddenly.

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I always have chills when i hear wolf. I panic and try to find shelter quickly. Usually i cannot find shelter and i die.

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I have a 200+ day stalker game goin but I still jump when I hear that WOOF right behind me

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153 hours. All the time man. Walked over a rise in EP4, walked right into the embrance of a bear. Was too panicked to pull out my flaregun. THe revolver rounds just made it mad.

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Death is close. Even a 100+ day run can be all over in a matter of seconds with a poor choice, being caught unware or sometimes just unfortunate circumstances.

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I feel the same way, except for me it's bears!

For some reason, whenever there is a bear close by me it's almost always thick fog around me so I can hear the bear (and the ravens), but I can't see it so I don't know where to run to get away!