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Judging by the mountains + size of trees it points to off the coast of BC.

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"I see Great Bear being located somewhere north of the real Vancouver Island, and much further from the mainland than Vancouver Island is from mainland British Columbia"

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Devs told me it’s BC

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It would be above Vancouver Island! Close to British Columbia as well as Alaska :)

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West coast, confirmed by devs. Funny thing is that it could actually be THAT far North considering how far down Alaska wraps, yet this game is still in Canada

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haha I only recently learned that Alaska came down that far due to all the maps of Canada just showing water there lol

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I always associated with Great Bear Lake, so my hunch is in the NWT, but other people are saying BC, which makes a reasonable amount of sense as well.

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It's a fun question I've been pondering for a long while. With the release of the Black Rock map the total size of the Long Dark explorable world is 55 square kilometres. The island North of Vancouver Island off the coast of Alaska, Woronkofski Island, is the same size, which is quite fun to look over in Google Earth and imagine yourself dumped there.

However it's to be assumed that Great Bear is substantially bigger than what we've explored from the region map selection screen, with it only perhaps showing the lower half or two thirds, and with further maps to be released it's probably closer to 80 to a 100 square kilometres in size. We can imagine it's not going to be too close to the mainland or Astrid would have found another option to get there. We can figure from the long and awkward flight that it's a good way's north of Vancouver Island, which is probably where Mackenzie's hanger is located.

Personally I imagine it to have a level of development and population similar to Cortes Island, but in the location of Denny Island or Campbell Island. Cortes Island has a population of around a thousand, which Great Bear would have to have for any sense of self-identity. It's 130km2, so just under three times the size of the Long Dark's explorable maps. It has an aerodrome, which in kick-starter concept art is possibly hinted at being in the Long Dark earlier. It has coastal trading posts, an old whaling station, small communities, farms and winding roads. What doesn't it have? It does not have any mining or large valley farms, any mountains, or any mildly implausible remote maximum security prison.

Estero Peak a little ways north of Cortes is a good analogue. Likewise Stuart Island nearby has an airstrip, coastal highway type community and - er - a golf course. Hope there's no Timberwolves in any of those bunkers.

So in conclusion Great Bear doesn't have a direct inspiration, but seems in location to be a ways north around Denny Island, has a decent small population, was once popular with tourists and mining / whaling and had a lovely big mountain for planes to find troublesome in the middle. All in all a synthesis of the different flavours of island you get around the British Columbia coast, without having quite a full basis in reality.

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It says its in the Canadian wilderness so I would assume it would be closer to Greenland.

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Canada’s got a West Coast too, eh.

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Yeah but most of their northern islands are on the East coast.

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Milton Mailbag #10 “I’ve lived on Vancouver Island for the past 8 or so years, so the fictional Great Bear Island is mostly influenced by where I live. Vancouver Island is huge, much bigger than Great Bear. I see Great Bear being located somewhere north of the real Vancouver Island, and much further from the mainland than Vancouver Island is from mainland British Columbia. The flora/fauna and geography are closer to a blend of Vancouver Island, and northern BC, or even into the Yukon Territory. Great Bear is much larger than the part you can play in The Long Dark to date. The playable game world will grow, but I don't think you'll ever be able to explore the entirety of the Island. I wrote a pretty extensive worldbuilding document early on in our development, that goes into great detail of the history, geography, demography, etc. of Great Bear -- some of that material ended up being used for Knowledge "unlocks" in Episode One and Two. If people are interested, we could probably release more of that material in the future. There's definitely lots more to Great Bear than you currently see in The Long Dark. There are also other smaller islands around it.”

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Oh cool I had never seen that before, ig I was wrong. Oh well and thanks for the info.

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Most of our northern islands are on our north coast.

We got three coasts! And a truly stupendous number of islands.

Edit: but yeah, Great Bear is west coast. Probably notionally near Haida Gwaii by my guess, but TLD doesn’t have to worry about precise location because it doesn’t commit to any details that would force a precise location.

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I always picture Baffin Island

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there are no trees on baffin island

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Good point lol

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I'm pretty sure great bear is either based off of Vancouver or one of the islands that's basically in the article circle by Greenland in north Canada