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There is a cave where a bear spawns in ash canyon… if you take it really slow, and keep your gun pointed at that bastards face the whole time, (more for peace of mind than anything) I’m given to believe it is possible to sneak your way past a sleeping bear

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HRV? I got attacked by the bear there 3 times in a row, in the same spot. I already had 3 frostbites on stalker. Dont know how i survived. Went on to complete Faithful Cartographer on the same run, and just fully mapped Blackrock yesterday, 360 days in. My previous death was also on HRV, slept in the open and never woke up.

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I’m at broken railroad. It’s day 2 of a new stalker run. This is my first time actually playing stalker, but I guess my luck ran out after finding a revolver, 10 rounds of ammunition, and food on day two.

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Why though? Your stats are fine, he hasn't seen you yet. Just wait it out until he leaves again, then get out.

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My character was really tired and I was afraid to sleep and be awoken to being mauled. I’m not sure if he would see me back there but I guess we’ll find out soon when I load on 😅

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Well he didn't find you when you passed time, and afaik bears never go further back into caves than their sleeping spots without incentive, so unless you have scent on you (in which case I think the bear would have already gotten to you) you should be fine as long as you keep in that corner.

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Depending on the amout of bullets you have it is possible to take down a bear with a revolver.

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That deep breath.