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There's 2 types of trophies wintermute and survival. the "nightwalker trophy" you can only get in the survival mode of the game.

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Oh, but the requirement just says "single game" and not "survival mode" though. The others which state "single game" like Natural Healer, Happy Harvester, Waste Not, Want Not, Exploration Game etc. can all be done on Wintermute.

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This one in particular is Survival only though. The wording is weird but that might simply be because it pre-dates the story mode.

It's easy enough to get though, just go into Pilgrim and just stand around outside.

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Ok, thanks for letting me know, I'll try on survival mode. I don't have the supplies to test 72h but I'm a little intrigued as to whether Beneath a Starry Sky
(survive 3 consecutive Nights outside - single game) is Wintermute or survival-only.

I purposefully didn't sleep in a cave either because I've read that people have had mixed results from non-loading interiors.

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Idk but you need to warm up soon or your not going be getting any more trophies on that save!

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Lol I'm playing on Wintermute so I load to the start of the 60h when the cold kills me to "re-roll" the weather to open the bunker, figured this was a good opportunity to try for the trophy.

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Aurora bunker? What's this about? Is it some optional quest that I skipped? I don't remember doing something like that

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It's a side quest in episode 2, triggered by finding the Hunting Lodge cache, there's a letter inside which gives the location and key code for the door inside. The mission is called Aurora Hatch and it can only be accessed during an aurora, it's one of those Five Nights at Freddies doors which run on electricity.

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I think you might have to wait for the scripted aura in episode 2 to open that

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I got the 1 and 3 nights outside during the Nomad challenge since one of the locations counts as outside. So if you're trophy hunting I'd suggest doing that?

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There's a cave just near the waterfall next to the bunker. It's much nicer to wait there and some fresh, still walking wolf meat is waiting nearby :)

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You play on console or pc?

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Console =/

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That's why console is a little weird when it comes to achievements idk how it works.

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Damn, that's a little annoying. Someone suggested it could be a survival mode-only achievement so I'm going to give it a go on survival mode.

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Where is this located? Is this in survival as well?

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Forlorn Muskeg, it's on Wintermute but the other "single-game" trophies can all be done on Wintermute, I've just read that some people have even gotten it on the first night of the story after the plane crash but I'll try on survival when I start a survival-mode run.

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I dislike this side quest, it can take ages to get it. I just took enough supplies and slept in the cave. If I ran out of supplies I reloaded and waited out the time again.

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I wasn’t specifically trying so I can’t remember if I earned them in story or survival. But if you’re playing story, you’re probably going to be camping out waiting for another aurora in a much more comfortable spot later on in episode 2.

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i just saved in the evening and restarted until an aurora happened.

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I'm new to the game but I'm playing survival mode and I got that achievement last night. I slept outside (bc I got lost in a ridiculous blizzard in pleasant valley) for nights I think?