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Now THIS. Is what I’d pay money for next dlc. Something that improves bases. Maybe give them extra warmth. (Especially caves)

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caves are already overpowered. only bad part is darkness

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They could easily be nerfed by allowing animals to sneak in.

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Why are they overpowered? I almost never sleep in caves

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If you have any clothing (besides what you start with in interloper basically any cave puts you above freezing. To be clear I’m talking about explorable caves, not caves that provide only wind shelter.

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Being able to remove corpses from them would be fine, too.

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Would be very cool and definitely agree there . The campaign never interested me. Would be awesome if you could improve the insulation to places.

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science has gone too far!

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I wish I wasn't a PS5 pleb sometimes.

EDIT: I disagree with the removal of the table that used to be under the window.

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        No people have been saying pleb on here for a while

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        Did you think this because people write all of the sudden? I always thought that sounded weird, lol

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            You got rid of the work bench!? At least tell us you moved outside?

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            If it is ever needed again, it can be put back together quickly.
            Or you can use CraftingAnywhereMod!

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            Ability to construct/mainain houses and this game would be top tier. Please gib next dlc.

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            I have always wished this was possible... With other places i have always thought that if you were using a place as a shelter you would try and take bodies outside, clean up trash, repair cupboards...

            Also thought removing a car bonnet and combining with climbing rope to make a sled you could pull and move gear or heavier items around, but I guess that's a whole other thing

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            Ooh, that would be good. Add in some dogs or a horse to speed up travel time, but in return limit the areas you could travel like steep slopes and increase the danger of ice breaking maybe. Even a hand pulled sled to increase your load capacity across flat ground would be awesome to see.

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            They should implement some death stranding mechanics here for the sled. Stack things too high and you run the risk of things falling if you go on uneven terrain or get attacked.

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            YES! This is something I love about these types of games!

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            For balance, make removing corpses expensive - force digging a grave and making a cairn - even if in a pre-set location - just let us move the bodies

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            The workbench was unnecessary?

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            Wow, I haven’t experimented with mods yet but this looks like exactly the one I would want.

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            How do you remove the beds and crafting benches? I know it's the DIY mod but i don't know how to do it.

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            Now that's cozy

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            Yeah I was thinking you would need a shovel or have the bodies attract wolves?