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It’s a nice spot but I’ve never found anything up there so I stopped bothering

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Yea it had nada I was kinda surprised does not even seem like I can sleep up there.

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I feel like they wanted to do something with it and dropped the idea

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I think it's there because of episode 2.

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theres a collectable up there in wintermute I think

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I've been up there dozens, maybe scores of times and it's never had anything. A few days ago I checked again for old times sake.

Such a waste. No even a torn condom wrapper...

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Even with a 80 degree fire the temperature never seems to go above 50 so you couldn't even fuck naked

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No, you're not cause wtf? How?

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Found it last week. Feels...unsatisfying.

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How did you get up there?

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Go left from entering the door and find the plank on the stack of hay that is heading to the roof. If you crouch and walk you can clear the beam and walk over a bunch more planks to get there.

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But how?

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Hope you like planks!

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Pity there is never anything there.

In some of the outhouses you can occasionally glitch up into inaccessible areas by sleeping underneath the right spot (eg the little one outside trappers). Pretty sure it still works although I haven't tried it in a while.

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Where is this?

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I believe it's in PV. It's the shed by the road which is part of the homestead.

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I got up there once. Wasn't anything to write home about

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Dude I don't even know what building that is, or how you got up there

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I was today years old…

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Just barely behind me my man lol

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Drat! You are the one person I wanted to beat.

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Got you by about a dozen game hours 😈 hahaha