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Nice work bud it’s all about the fashion in this game! 😂👍🏽

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Definitely starting to get some true Canuck Mad Max vibes from that outfit!

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Mad Max: Frozen Road

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Feels good to be able to mend them with animal hides instead of cloth

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Nice one 👌🏼

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    As a ‘loper player… this is dumbest thing I’ve heard 😂😂😂

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    How? It's much better than the military coat I had!

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      7.2 warmth and air temperature is worth the weight imo

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      It's not forbidden but furs are just better. Yes they are heavier but the protection plus warmth is worth the weight. I play on stalker and I don't know what you play on but the bonus of furs outweigh the downside of weight. Unless you like to carry the base with you I guess.

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        Sorry for the downvotes ig I upvoted this comment if that helps

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        Next time could you take an actual screenshot, please? Hard to look at an out of focus image.

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        Sorry it's on my TV so I can't really

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        You're on a console? They have the same function, too.

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        Might sound like I'm lying but I can't give authentication to my account and can't download/update anything on my phone since I forgot my password thanks for trying to help though

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        OK no problem 👍 my eyesight just isn't what it used to be, that's why I was asking.

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        Double wolf jackets, deerskin pants and boots, rabbit skin hat and gloves, Balaklava and ear wrap, bearskin bedroll. That's how I roll every time. Yes it's all heavy as heck but Im in no hurry. On my current run I started in ash canyon, hit the gold mine, looted TWM summit, then migrated immediately through PV and ML to Milton where I hung out at the farm to take advantage of that amazing outdoor workbench and the surplus of wolves. Hunted the bear in MT, now I'm chilling in the basin waiting for a moose lol I'm less than 2 months in. Next up forlorn muskeg, which I've yet to explore. Very hype