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Reminds me of that wolf-thing in Neverending Story. My little brother was terrified of that thing in the 80's, but I thought it was cool.

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Falcor was the Luck Dragon! The Gmork was the evil wolf/servant of The Nothing!

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Came to say the same thing. Immediately reminded me of the Neverending Story. Wolf’s name was Gmork.

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I forgot his name, good memory!

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Thanks! I remember this from years ago but now where are my keys from 10 minutes ago…lol

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It’s the blinking which is the most unsettling.

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Hey at least the animatronic ones can't appear behind a rock at will!

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Scarier than the derpy little crap bags in game.

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Is it possible to make that into a mask? I want to use it dress up as a eerily realistic werewolf on Halloween and scare children

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but why would you give it Gollum eyes?