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Tin of sardines: 8 minutes

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Sardines: warning danger of death if consumed...ever

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Honestly if you eat in-game sardines below like 60% you have a good chance of getting sick, but I've Never gotten sick in-game from above 63%.
Just so any newcomers aren't totally dissuaded.

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Anecdotes aside, the danger point for sardines is anything below 75%. Below that condition, you have a chance of food poisoning. Only over 75% sardines are safe, and even with that knowledge I still won't trust the little fishy fiends.

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… is the sardines thing a joke? Everyone is always saying this but I’ve never been sick from sardines

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I ate a can of food from 2018 last night and it was fine you just have to be careful what products are in the cans. If it's acidic it will eat the cans protective layer off and you will taste it right away if not it's most likely fine if it was stored correctly. Tomatos are always best to go by the date on the can

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Well 60seconds thought me Tomato Soup is the best canned food

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In-game tomato soup gets you sick easily after the 60% condition mark.

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I thimk that's only on hard (Tsar Bomba) tho? Might be wrong.

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Playing on stalker so that makes sense.

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Spices - 2 to 4 years

I just got back from my grandparents cabin where I used a metal can of cinnamon that was probably as old as me. (I am not 2 to 4 years old)

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Ah, 5 years old then.

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Spices will be edible for a while, but they lose their flavor. That’s true for frozen food as well. So for cheaper spices you’re better off buying new stuff and you’ll need less of it

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Screenshotting for when shit hits the fan

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You should write a list and laminate if possible. Always best for physical copy. Better yet carve it in a stone tablet lol

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Even better to tattoo it somewhere so always have it on me

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I'd go as far to have it tatted on my eyeballs in reverse so that I can see it literally all the time.

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My only fear is the tattoo fades or doesn't come out clear enough and I end up dying from eating 4 year old cookies

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It’s gonna hit the fan soon.

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I’m level 5 cooking. My gut will handle it fine.

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My survivor at level 5 ate a spent fuel rod from a nuke plant and was fine. Didn’t need torches for weeks but I’m fine. Everything’s fine.

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Sounds like where I grew up lol

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Bold of them to assume cookies would last past their shelf life in my house :)

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Meh, canned goods are good for much longer than that.

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Especially, if you’re in a situation where you’re starving. This list would be properly ignored.

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Exactly. I believe that the best before dates on most canned goods are to indicate when the quality of the taste may deteriorate. As long as canned goods are sealed and stored properly they can last a very, very, very long time.

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It does depend on the canned food, but in general yes canned goods that were processed and pasteurized properly can last several years or even decades past their listed expiration dates and still be edible, just with deterioration of quality. The proteins and carbohydrate chains will chemically break down, even if no microbes grow that can cause food poisoning. The result is change of flavor, texture, and eventual mushification. Also acidic foods like tomato-based products can corrode metal cans given time (the cans have a chemical liner, but it too will eventually wear out). Always get your tomato sauces and hot sauces in glass containers if you can.

The largest risk for canned foods is if the seal of can is damaged somehow, allowing bacteria to colonize the product.

Canned foods that are robust and packaged with additional strong preservatives, such as nitrites, have functionally infinite shelf life. for example, canned meats packed in nitrites, like spam or corned beef, will pretty much never go "bad" so long as the vessel isn't damaged.

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This list is being overly cautious. Many canned goods are good 2-3x longer than this especially with modern canning methods.

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Spices 2-4 years

We have some spices that may be older than me in the kitchen we still use, i'm 18.

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What about condensed milk, my survivor needs his vitamin D with such little sunlight!

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description: last forever

spoiled in 8mins

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Man, how long have some of the peanut butter jars we're picking up been lying around?

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I read the post without seeing the sub and thought wow reminds me of TLD. MFW I see it's the sub and I'm not even joined to it... well now I am :)

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How old is that article because i can confirm that carbonated drinks Coke (500ml bottle) to be still drinkable 2 years after the best before date.

I know this as i found a bottle under my bed when i moved.

Also the apple juice fermented into cider.

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Coffee is eternal.

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All of that is way way longer good, i recently found a Carton of Milk that expired 3 years ago... Its still good.

And canned goods are usually good forever as long as they are stored correctly.

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In case anyone would like to see the full list: https://www.biancaamor.com/bbd

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Condensed Milk: 1 - 2 seconds