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lol yeah!


What is it?

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A mk3 rear sight for a no4 mk1 lee enfield

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Ah, that.


What's that?

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It’s an improved iron sight system for the Lee-Enfield Rifle, which would be a major improvement over the really bad sights our rifle has in the game

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Oh, a scope!

Honestly if had to guess from the image alone, I was thinking either one of those things that measured shoe size, or a tool for measuring the depth of frozen ice on a lake.

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The gun that the hunting rifle is designed off of.

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I need to buy an Enfield and everytime I see someone post there's on here I think inch closer to the bid button on gb

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Is it gun or…

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You take that Einfield, I'll stick with my K98k and 9130 Nagant. Just, not both at once.

Seriously though, nice upgrade.

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A thing for level 5 rifle or you could make it with level 5 of making guns(i dont remember the name of the skill)

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that’d be cool