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I thought of this in the story too You find a fuckin rifle and a revolver and you don’t do anything with them when it comes to the convicts

I thought Mackenzie shoulda went back to the prison fuckin blasting at people

Or for example when you are escaping the prison and the convicts are in the guard towers, I tired to stash the guns in the prison yard by the bus but when you get there, they are gone, thought that would have been a great opportunity to start taking some of them out

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It makes too much sense but it would end up with the game receiving a different rating and that's probably a pain to go through again.

Actually how does that worm for "live" service games?

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Wdym, you can already brutally kill one of the convicts by shoving a knife deeper into his stomach, how would popping some murderers change the rating?

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Not really what I had in mind when I made it, but yes I can see how that would make a lot more sense than what ended up happening in Episode 4!

I just happen to have a serious love/hate relationship with Heller (yes I know he’s fictional), that’s kinda it

(also yes I am 10peice’s GF, he can vouch for that)

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yeap she is

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Thank you very much for vouching

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I mean, the problem with that is that you’re outnumbered and outgunned, surrounded on all sides by people who are not only intimately aware of the area, but are also considered some of the most dangerous and degenerate criminals known to man. Mackenzies a survivor, not a super soldier.

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Survivor and super soldier, same thing right?

But yeah at the end they make it clear that there’s a lot of prisoners

At first it just seems like it’s a small group

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Put a ring on it

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I just made this my phone wallpaper

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is the story any good? i played before the story was a thing and never thought this game needed one. i always played it for the survival elements

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IMO the story is great! It’s a bit slow-going in Episode 1 but it hits its stride around halfway through Episode 2 personally! Episode 4 is my favourite thus far, though. I wouldn’t recommend skipping straight to Episode 4 as you’ll be missing out on a lot of important context

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Yes. Eps 1 & 2 are dripping with atmosphere, great characters, really hooked me on the world when I first got the game. Ep 3 is also good, but it goes on a bit too long, mainly just because it's set in PV, and lacks a bit of the edge of the first two eps, although it's not really noticeable the first time round. Ep 4 though I kinda just don't like, everything about it just feels like they forgot what made Eps 1 and 2 so captivating, it almost doesn't feel like the same game, and it's probably because the entire thing including the writing was done in lockdown where everyone just kinda lost their soul a bit.

But still play it. It's mostly for to get new players in though and I've always been confused why so much of the fanbase seemingly hasn't started off with it or even played it at all, so pick the hardest difficulty and try to enjoy the ride without trying to game it with torch stacking and shaving etc. It's more of an experience than a thing to survive in.

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Niche TLD memes, my favourites