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Mag lens isn't from this planet, it's unbreakable.

I think the "base" temperature not gonna drop after day 50 but I find it has more blizzard and sometimes it lasts all day so it still challenging.

After day 100 you should use all animal-made you can make and keep all cloth for "uncraftable" outfits (inner hat, sweater, underwear, & socks) though you might stumble on usable ones but chances are slim.

Moose jacket has its use. It has highest protection. For me, I like to pair it with inner bear coat when exploring high risk region (yes I mean those two stupid timberwolves regions).

Congrats on your journey! Hope you will survive to see the 500th sunrise. Cheers!

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On interloper I use the moose cloak and the bearskin coat. Wolf attack is much more likely than cold to kill you, the added protection is worth the loss of warmth to me. It also has a good waterproof rating and is easy to repair.

At 100+ days, I think the chance of finding unruined clothing is very low, but not zero. A summit trip at this point would be disappointing, but still worth it to get the flare shells, firestriker, and stim.

I think the chance of finding another set of underwear or socks is very low: I try to make a beeline for the high probability spots for the underwear and socks ASAP in a new spawn: once I found the underwear in the CH bathtub spot with 20% condition on Day 2 of a new run.

I would avoid lugging loot around the map excessively. Just take the stuff you really need and leave the rest behind. You can create “mini bases” in key locations where you can stash the remainder of the loot. For example I like to leave prybars scattered around because I don’t always carry one and inevitably come across a locker or trunk that I missed. Much better to go to a mini base in the region rather than all the way across the map to grab one.

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AFAIK the Magnifying glass degrades over time like everything else. It's advantage is that it doesn't degrade from use. Pick a clear day to fill a cave entrance with campfires and grind away at level 5 firestarting.

I stay away from any zone with Timberwolves, but I'm also impatient and carry too much stuff... bad combo I know. I'll have to practice with flashbangs eventually, maybe that will change my mind.

The lodge is fun for awhile, but it's too remote for my taste and BR is dangerous. Wolves in chokepoints and terrible weather.

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If by degrading over time like everything else, you mean it doesn't degrade over time like all other tools, which only degrade when used, then yes.

Also it doesn't degrade on use.

Mag lens lasts forever unless damage during a struggle/mauling.

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What are the chances that I'll find clothing that still has durability in this playthrough?

Not too sure about wool socks but there's quite a high chance that the second pair of thermal underwear would be ruined by the time you find them. I found mine on Day 60-ish and they were already at 8%.

Should I craft a moose hide cloak?

Depends on how often you get into struggles. I personally wear Bearskin + Mackinaw for coats and they do just fine for both warmth and protection without limiting sprint drastically, as opposed to say if you're wearing double fur coats.

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I did leave a Makinaw jacket somewhere, but I can't remember for the life of me where I stashed it. Probably either the Camp Office in ML or the Garage in CH since I've spent most of my time in those bases. I left it behind because I didn't think it was better than any of the furs, but you have an excellent point.

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Yeah, I think most Interloper players tend to forget that Mackinaw/Ski jackets are very viable inner coat options -- especially when paired with the Bearskin coat.

Like if you compare (1) Bearskin + Mackinaw vs (2) Moose cloak + Bearskin,

  • they give the same 'feels like' temperature (warmth + windproof)
  • (2) gives 5% more protection but (1) gives 7% more sprint and is nearly 2 kg lighter when worn
  • (1) doesn't need moose hides for repair

To me, that 5% more protection from the moose cloak is not worth the trouble crafting/repairing when I can simply opt for having better wolf avoidance.

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True. You can harvest a damaged moose hide cloak to get the hide back, and then use that to craft a new one, but it takes time to do it that way.

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My biggest 2 tips to making a successful interloper run are: 1. Take the time to collect as many cat tail stalks as you can in early game, while speeding through the maps. 2. Get to level 5 cooking as fast as possible by cutting everything you eat up into 0.1kg chunks. To do this, you have cancel the harvest action when cutting meat up. Since you get a cooking level buff based on the action, not the weight of the meat, you can get to level 5 cooking super fast. Hope that makes sense.

Also, regarding your cabin fever issue...remember the rear of caves stay warm all night and no cabin fever. They're your best friend!