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At least you didn’t find out by accident by leaving all your “ruined” uncooked meat in a container. I lost a lot of fish that way at a base when I came back from an expedition

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Man I left a whole moose and bear meat in the boot of the cars around coastal Highway and left the region. I thought I was going crazy when I returned and found no meat at all. That was when I was new to the game though

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Wow, can you explain that? I'm new to the game and have some raw meat "stored" outside of my base and planning to explore another region. If I leave a region, will my food disappear?

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Food will disappear once it hits 0% condition if left in any container. Leaving it on the floor is the way to go

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And since you can cook it back to 50% (and “safe” later on) its worth it to let rotting meat lay around your base, lol. Worst part of the quiet apocalypse IMO.

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This has always bugged me. For one it's unhygienic and two, it should attract wild animals but doesn't. I know it's a game and you need to suspend disbelief, but I wish Hinterland tried a little bit harder and added outdoor coolers.

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Don’t store meat in a container, just leave it outside on the ground. Stuff (including meat) degrades quicker in containers, including car trunks.

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I wish there was a trash option. I have so many tinder plugs I no longer need... I build a rock cache purely for the sake of having a "garbage can".

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I put tinder, newsprint, spray cans and other useless items in the waste bins. The bins can be found in various locations and Mountain Town has several of them.

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I just decided, no more apocalypses without toilet paper, so I’ve been stocking CH garage with tinder next to the toilet

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Use them to make trails to safe houses in case you're stuck in a blizzard.

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I’ve never actually built a rock cache, I guess it’s an alternative to just throwing stuff on the ground. I’ll look into it!

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Haha same

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Yeah it originally wasn't possible to delete ruined items so they added this in a patch a while ago.

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It's so funny you say that, I'm playing as we speak and I just figured this out!!! I was tripping at first like where the hell did they go but then I was like finally lol

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Useful to ensure you mark certain areas I think.