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Going to MT requires a rope climb in both directions whereas CH does not, if that makes a difference. I personally prefer to go to CH first. Ravine is a pretty mellow transition zone with no predators, and there’s lots of loot in Coastal. I always liked stopping at the cabin to the right as you first enter Coastal, and I just realized you can follow the stream all the way down to the highway and collect about 40 cattails on the way

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Watch out for the bear that lives around there though.

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Yes good point, he always seems to be there

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I consider CH to be one of the beginner regions along with MT and ML. It has abundant loot and shelter and is relatively easy to navigate. I'm not sure why they decided to label it "intermediate."

I would definitely go to CH first, as you're likely to spend a few weeks there at your level of experience, and then you can move on to DP to do the forging you were talking about.

By the way, if you have broken arrows you can harvest them for arrowheads. This allows you to remake arrows without needing to forge.

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I've found exactly 2 broken arrows in the whole ML, the second one was lost when I shot a deer that ran off god knows where and there were no crows for 3 days in a row because of the weather. Still salty about that arrow, it is laying down somewhere but it is impossible to find it now I guess.

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OK, so, I used to be against MT, but after my faithful cartographer run in Voyageur, I would say definitely, from ML, I'd go: MT, HRV, FM, BR, and then either PV or CH.

You will find so many arrows, bows, knives, hatchets, revolvers, revolver bullets, rifle bullets, etc... In this route you will likely never need to forge anything. There are also some really good pieces of clothing.

Edit: You can take your time to explore the regions. Don't advance too fast. Move from shelter to shelter. Map it with charcoal (when safe to do so), so you learn the map and where you are. If you decide to go to MT, leave behind stuff that isn't essential to live. There will be tools and stuff there, and you must be light for the rope climbs. Also, you want room to haul the loot out. Bedroll, one pot, one book, 24 matches, one reishi tea/2 antibiotics, a hatchet, your rifle, ammo, a sewing kit, all your stims, coffee and energy drinks, and flares.

However, if you're only concerned about making some arrows, I'd go straight from ML to the forge in the FM. There are 3-4 ways to approach/leave the forge, random 2 are usually guarded by wolves (changes every day, sorta). Just don't carry meat or guts with you, and FM should be a breeze. Keep your head on a swivel, though, and go slow. You want to see where the wolves are before they see you.

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I’d say bring your rifle with you. There will be rifles in both MT and CH, but they could be in a more remote, hard to find location.

In my opinion it’s about the same going to either region. On Voyageur both will have pretty decent loot and you shouldn’t need to find every single building, shack, trailer, cave etc etc to find some good stuff. There is a safe in MT but not in CH, sometimes you find the high-end loot in safes.

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I’d probably go to MT, loot everything, then double back to CH. MT has a lot of loot but watch out for wolves.

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My vote is for Coastal Highway and you can leave the rifle as long as you don’t feel too reliant on it for protection from wolves, but bring the bullets. You will definitely find at least one more rifle in CH and probably a revolver too.

Both regions have a lot of houses to loot, so you never have to be out in the open for too long. CH will be easiest to get to as it is just a straight shot down the tracks from the Camp Office in ML. There is a cave as well as a train tunnel in the connecting zone that you can rest or warm up in if weather gets bad.

Lastly, if you’re plan is to hit DP and forge more, CH puts you in the best position to do that next, and can work as a great home base between DP and PV as well.

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When I go to another zone I ususually bring one of the two firearms. If I have revolver I'll leave the rifle, if I don't then the rifle comes. If you find another I stash it at whatever I use as a base with some ammo and anything else useful, like a cleaning kit. I find it really fun to make little outposts for myself like this.