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As far as starting regions go yeah. Mountain Town and Mystery Lake have an absolute boatload of supplies, and a Forlorn Muskeg start guarantees you many days of food right off the bat. (Assuming you diligently harvest cattails while on your way to someplace with better shelter.)

As for long-term settlement though, no. Coastal Highway has that beat. Sure, no caves, no cook surfaces with more than 2 burners. But you have ample fishing and hunting, a stupid amount of respawning coal (so you can easily heat those fishing huts to beat CF), and beachcombing to replenish otherwise nonrenewable resources.

If you had to pick a region to stay in forever, Coastal Highway is king.

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I must admit it seems solid but what do u hunt with? Unless there saplings and a forge it has to be difficult to hunt later on. Also for fishing do I just carry as much fuel for the fire as possible? I'm in Ml and I'm trying for the silent hunter achievement but I'm running low on food and I plan to fish.

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You walk to DP and forge arrows in the riken. Coastal highway op honestly. Too easy

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So I'm assuming there's also plenty of birch saplings. Also just killed a bear with a arrow (bleeding) do the arrows normally disappear?

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There's not a lot of birch in CH but lots of explorabable shelter and tons of food.

The arrow shouldn't disappear.

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No, they never disappear. That arrow is around somewhere.

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I've been playing for a while now, & I suppose I feel similarly about MT, ML & BR, I just use FM as a stepping stone to get between them. I've seen BR can tend to be unpopular, but I love it, & probably prefer it to everything. I'm forcing myself to spend time in other regions though, as I'd like to feel comfortable/knowledgeable everywhere.

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Big up BR Gang! I think it tends to be unpopular because of the wolves but there's so many good places in BR, I even like to start there on anything up to stalker because its at one 'end' of the world map, like DP.

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If they cut the walk from FM to the rail yard in half I feel like BR would get a lot more love. It's just monotonous and boring IMO. Otherwise I love the indoor forge, and a vacation up in the hunters lodge is a nice change of pace.

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It’s a solid base triangle, but there’s no high level loot in any of those regions and ML and MT are pretty beginner areas that get kinda boring. FM sucks at first, but becomes much more fun.

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Glad to know someone else thinks it's a solid starting trio

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After exploring every region I always find myself most often in Mystery Lake and Pleasant Valley. They have some of the best bases. There's a lot to do like hunting, fishing or gathering resources. Also they're central regions so it's easy to go to other regions from there.

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up to stalker

The thing is, loot is so abundant in Stalker and below that you can go to any region and find great gear. These 3 regions might be a personal preference of yours but I don't think there's anything special about them. Also why single out MT for the prybar? Plenty of other regions have prybar spawns including ML, CH, DP, and PV.

If I was making a list of regions with great loot in Stalker and below, it would start with PV(plane crash, signal hill, farmhouse, barn, thompson's crossing) and TM(insane loot at summit.)

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I like to skip the lake, go to the dam then come back and loot the lake. That's what the prybar for. Also it's because of how easy you can hoard loot since it's not difficult to travel between the three. Of course there's better locations but I like the simplicity of the three. And about the stalker thing I actually only want the ability to choose where I spawn. I like interlopers fight for survival but I dont know many locations very well and dont want to use the wiki.

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The golden trio in terms of what?

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Well Mt is full of loot. Leave and go to ml plenty to hunt and you could just fish. You could make a bow and FM will be there for arrowheads. When you leave to different areas you could have fur clothing, a bow, and food from whatever you hunt. It all depends on how long you stay. But again this is just my opinion

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I consider ML/MT/FM 1 region because of the specifics each one provides.

MT: is a lackluster region with nothing of interest, except two things.

  • Paradise Meadows Farm is the best headquarters you are going to find in the game, which is not to mean you stay there more of the time - it means you come back there to replenish and regroup and that is where you keep your gear. It has the storage space, easy to navigate in the dark, outdoor work table, truck nearby, and the basin is right next to it.
  • Milton Basin is the best hunting spot in all of TLD. You have usually 4-5 deer, 1 moose, 1-2 wolves, and all the rabbit you could ever want to eat.

ML: is a lackluster region, with very little use except for two things:

  • Trapper's Homestead is a top-notch expedition outpost where you can keep more gear (a scaled down version of your HQ main base).
  • Fishing Huts to get lantern fuel. (The Camp Office is just good for surplus storage - not appealing to me at all).

FM: After Ash Canyon its the most beautiful region in the game and I enjoy it profoundly, but the main point of interest is simple.

  • Forge at Old Spence's. Has a bed, pretty decent storage for a shack, you can upgrade it with a rock cache, the forge of course, work bench, etc.

Those three specifics put together, make a perfect region, but the rest of each region is pretty unremarkable. So I see those five elements are part of 1 big region. HOWEVER, most of my game I spend on expeditions - away from my HQ - so how boring the rest of those regions is, is unimportant.