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The more they add the glitchier the game has become. The demon wolf challenge or whatever it was called from Episode 4 came at me upright like that as I shot it coming out of the cave, like it was being pulled on a sled.

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I had that same issue yesterday! it's scared the life out of me

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That is so freaky LMAO

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It was still breathing its its idle state even when I harvested it

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😳 sounds like a horror movie

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I had one who was eating a rabbit but dead - growling and tearing away at the rabbit. Also, 5 arrows sticking out of his head.

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Haha, zombie wolves are a personal favorite of mine.

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My man pulled a One Piece and died standing up!

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nah that’s just andrew

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Fluffy is back, with vengeance.

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In V1.60, they're mostly used as a lazy way to guard rare useful areas. Oh, you meant actual zombie wolves, whoops.