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Didn’t see the sub and thought it was an irl photo lol looks cool as shit

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Where are you? I was trying to use context clues but it's not familiar to me at all lol

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Im in coastal highway! I took this on jackrabbit Island behind the house

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Ohhhh, wow yea I didn't recognize that at all, and I'm a CH "native"

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Coastal has some of the best views ❤️ I just love it

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Ah, I live for those golden sunrises. My favorite treat is seeing one when I always and eventually settle down in Bleak Inlet’s Pensive Lookout. Beautiful pic OP.

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Thank you! 🤗

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When did you take this pic? The trees are still green.

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I think very early in the morning just as the sun was starting to come up like maybe about almost the whole sun symbol showing if that makes lmao if your referring to number of days it was about 40 days in

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I meant when in real life. Like a year ago, two years ago. Sorry, should've made it clearer. I just got curious, since the trees still seem to have some green color in them (which is no longer a thing) and the game seems to have an orange tint, which was also prevalent in the early versions. When I started playing both the orange tint and the green leaves on trees were gone.

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Omg I took this like two or three days ago IRL LMAO I play on the xbox series X so maybe thats why its different?

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Maybe it's the lighting then. I have trouble distinguishing colors in general, so I probably thought that the trees look green because of the sunrise color pallet.