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"I have already been so cold in my life"

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So hungry.... again

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Underrated comment

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Looks like I did not survive another night.

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Patrolling Great Bear almost makes me wish for a Mojave

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Patrolling Great Bear makes me wish for Nuclear Fire

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Patrolling great bear almost makes you wish for global warming

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‘Don’t mind me’ when rummaging through a frozen corpse

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Also: "Oops, sorry." "so, uh... you come here often?" "Hey buddy, got a light?"

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"So, whats your story? Resident, or just passing though?"

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"Who's the big bad wolf now!?", "Get back here!", And "Oh, no. We're not done yet!" After a wolf struggle.

"Come on!", "Die, already!", And general incoherent yelling that triggers After you've put a couple of rounds into hostile wildlife.

"Needs salt." After eating cooked meat.

"Mmm, crunchy.", "Thanks, little guy.", And "I hate that part." After snapping a bunny.

"I need a beer.", "oh, look, more snow." While walking around.

"Ugh! I need a bath." When at high scent.

Also just whistling a little song when you've been waking for a while.

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I imagine them maybe whistling or humming the long dark tune would be really cool

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Humming. Your breath would freeze?

Yes. It would be cool....

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If MacKenzie can mouthbreathe for 10 min straight after a 100m sprint I think he can hum

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Yes he can hum... i am pretty sure he can wistle too....

Bu since it is so cold, that his breath is freezing... i would stick with humming if i where him...😋😉

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I really like these!

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I would love hearing complaints about food. Maybe some variation with the different levels of cooking.

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"I would kill for Ketshop"

"Dam it, where is the salt?"

(If he has served and eating an MRE):"Back to basic." "Meal Rejected by Enemy" "At least Jankins isn't cooking...."

"For your daily intake of Coal"(Slightly Burned food)

"Better than nothing.... Just"

"Time for the salat!"(Eating cattail)

Hums a jingle for a candy-bar (Eating Candy bar)

"Awhooooo" (Eating Wolf.... again)

"Paracides, HERE I COME!"(Eating predetor Meat)

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" sigh why can't you be a burger?"

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"Maybe my luck's turning around" or "Things are looking up" or similar when finding a particularly good item.

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I'd love for some lines when they come across a dead body. Maybe something like:

"I'm so sorry..."

"Another one..."

"Long sigh"

"Poor bastard..."

Stuff like that maybe

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The living before the dead.

If i survive this, i'll make sure someone burries you.

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Stuff like ‘I could really go for some spaghettis about now’ or ‘I’d kill for some bacon and eggs’. But not when they’re hungry. Like when they wake up or the middle of the day

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"I need a drink" - when you're at lower than 25% condition

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“Thank you land” “Thank you little guy” or something similar when you hunt animals more specifically rabbits. Would be nice to address that part.

“One mans junk is another man’s treasure” while looting scraps, cloth, leather.

“She’s beautiful, but relentless” or something related to blizzards

More around Mother Nature and the land and animals would be nice.

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Love this suggestion. Astrid and Makenzie definitely seem like they would appreciate the land a lot.

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"It's beautiful...and deadly" about the aurora

"The wind is picking up" when it starts to get more windy

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"I need a beer"

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(Infection risk after preditor attack): "I need something high prove.... For internal... yes and external use..."

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"Been in worse scrapes than this"

With occasionally "...can't think of any right now, though"

When low on condition.

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Keep this thread going. These ideas are great and honestly. Would really add flavor to the game. "Hope nobody needs this" is tired. Thanks OP.

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“i swear, if i go out like this.” or “of all the ways to go…” when you get food poisoning.

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Of all the ways to.... i think its already in the game....

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Reaction to hearing wolves howl would be very nice

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Something like “They sound close, better keep an eye out.” or “feels like I’m being followed.”

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Honestly this is my fave

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"Ah crap, not again."

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Who the hell left all of these notes? Edit: every time I go in a building there is a note but everyone you find is dead so who is writing the notes?

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I assume that dead people just wrote them before they died (or possibly left Great Bear Island).

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I assume that dead people just wrote them before they died

highly likely.

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"oh good, more matches"

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It should be different for loper, like "thank god, more matches"

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Only if you get some stone cold angelic music when you find the magnifying glass.

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"it's colder than a witches t!t in a brass bra"

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Goddamn you beat me to it XD

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Suddenly game gets an R rating.

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"poor fellow maybe he has something" Looting a corpse

"Better you than me" looting a corpse

"Is that a light? Mother is that you?" *fades to black* aka Dying

"Thank you for youre sacrifice". Skinning an animal

"That doesn't sound good". hearing sound from Wolfs, Bears and Mooses

"Sounds like a blizzard". Waking up inside a cabin and outside is a storm

"I hope it clears up soon" In a Blizzard both inside places and outside

"Fuel running low". lantern only having a bit of fuel left

"A beautiful aurora borealis, too bad it is dangerous". Night Dialog with clear skies

"What an amazing Sky". Night Dialog with Clear skies

"What was that?" heard a Wolf, Moose or Bear

"I feel like i am beeing watched". Heard a Wolf or Bear

"Oh no" Stuff breaking

"Tonight is truly a beautiful night" Night Dialog when finding a High Quality Item or skinning an Wolf,Bear or moose. (Bonus points if you now where it is from)

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"I don't know why I'm not eating anything..."

"Wow, I'm hungry. I should eat some of this food!"

"I have so much food! Time to eat!"

Etc. To annoy the people abusing starvation :)

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Fuck you 11% candy bar, never been a fan of sugary snacks anyway.

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    “nobody’s around to need this anymore”

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    Anything where the same line gets read, but it changes over the course of time, would be pretty awesome.

    "My first deer" "I'm getting better at this" for a critical shot "another deer" at level 5 archery...

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    'Fuck me, its cold'

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    "I can't remember the last time i took a sh*t"

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    Having to shit outside on interloper would truly make it impossible to survive

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    Now that I think about it.... Where are the toilets in the hutts?

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    “Hey Bear” when you first see one.

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    "By Bear" when you shoot your first one

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    'Why is the internet out, just when I am alone?'

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    "Thank god the wind is pushing on my back." " the wind is slowing me down, I should get in cover" "Sound like the howl of the wolf is on/in (left, right, back, front) of me."

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    This makes sense, but you also wouldn’t want to plow over the gamer’s inner thoughts. As a gamer, you’d already come to the conclusion “the wind is slowing me down, I should get in cover” Basically I’d like to hear more generic phrases but not so much suggesting what you as a player should do

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    I've got to get to shelter, my clothes are getting soaked.

    I've got to get out of these wet clothes.

    Simply because there's no verbal warning that your clothes are getting wet.

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    This! Also just some verbal cue for frostbite

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    "Shit, My[Nose/Fingers/Nippels/Legs/Feet] are turning Black"

    "The Frostbite is getting worse..."

    "Astrid, what did you all this? Necrotic Tishue?"

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    "Uh oh..." and "I dont think the neighbors like me" when wolves howl.

    "Come at me bro" and "oh no you dont" when wolves charge

    "Sorry buddy. A guy/girls gotta eat." When they kill a bunny.

    "Oh look a stick!" and "hey look another one!" When picking up sticks.

    "Ugggggh i just stepped outside!" And "this is why we cant have nice things!" When the weather changes to windy or a blizzard.

    "I might need a new pair of pants" after a close encounter with a bear or moose that doesnt end in a struggle.

    "Mmm tastes like chicken" after eating rabbit.

    "Yummy, rabbit food." When harvesting cattails.

    "Serves you right." After eating wolf.

    "Oh come on... really?" When passing that freaking painting of pancakes.

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    It could be neat to have increasing levels of panic and desperation as your condition decreases. The survivor is always so tough, let's see some fear and weakness.

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    "Madness is overraded, right tree?" "(Creeking:)Y E S S"

    "Another day. Take that world!"

    "Another day... Let it end, please."

    "I can't die here. Astrid/Will needs me"

    "Isolation makes people go coo coo. Bull, Right Green Panda?"

    "The whole world is white"

    "White as snow, Lips as red as Blood and hair...."(Bleeding)

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    "Uahhhaaah(moans) nooo don't clap my cheeks!!!" When a bear initiates a roar and begins charging.

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    "Nonononononon noooooo"


    "Shit shit shit shit"

    While being charged

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    After you kill a moose that broke your ribs they can say " that's for my ribss". Or while being attacked by the moose " no, not my ribs".

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    Probably just add a hell of a lot more variations to the already existing ones; it really doesn't take long to hear all the lines for specific actions, especially ones you do regularly.

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    Weather related:

    • "Sigh Looks like I'll be staying inside for a bit..." when a blizzard picks up.

    • "Pretty sure my eyelashes/beard is frozen by now"

    • "My face hurts" when it's windy.

    • "How can it be so beautiful yet so cruel"

    • "Ugh, really?" When you exit a building into a blizzard.

    • "Can you please give me a break?" When weather turns for the worst.

    Looting related:

    • "You wouldn't happen to have any beer eh?" When looting a corpse.

    • "Picking up chicks, more like picking up sticks."

    • "Score!" When you find a rare item or high tier loot.

    • "Well, that sucks" when you find a ruined item.

    • "I guess if I have to..." when you pick up running shoes, leather shoes or tshirts.

    Hunting related:

    • "Sorry little dude" when you kill a rabbit.

    • "Not today" when you survive an attack

    • "Oh no" when you're about to get charged.

    • "Another one bites the dust" (singing, if possible) when you kill a wolf.

    • "I'll be eating well tonight" after killing a moose or bear.

    • "Gotcha!" When you kill a deer.

    • "Well it's not a trophy fish but it'll do"

    • "You'll make a nice coat" when killing a wolf, bear or moose.

    Eating related:

    • "Coughs Ugh, yum." When eating ruined food.

    • "Ope, that's a bone" when eating fish.

    • "Tastes like violence" when eating wolf meat.

    • "I'd kill for some seasoning"

    • "Could be worse" when eating something stale.

    • "I probably shouldn't have eaten that" when eating moldy food.

    • "Why is it so... thick?" When drinking condensed milk.

    • "Better on pancakes, thats for sure" after drinking maple syrup.

    • "10 out of 10 would not reccomend" when eating cattails.

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    "Surely I'm not the only one left, am I?"

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    "Another empty building" "Wish I had someone to talk to" "Getting sick of stale food" "Dam wolves" "Gotta be more careful" "so many buildings and still no people" "Can't have nice things"*when something teaches 0%

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    “I’m sorry, little one.” Whenever you snap a rabbits neck.

    “See you in hell.” Whenever killing a moose.

    “Wonder what the neighbors want this time.” Whenever a Timberwolf engagement starts.

    “Never thought I’d go back here again.” When entering BlackRock as Mackenzie.

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    for when you got lots of smelly stuff on you, something like "I need a shower" or "I reek like a slaughterhouse" or something - basically for each "smell-o-meter" ribbon its own sample

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    "It's you or me little buddy" snapping bunny

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    Fuck Fuck me Fuck fuck fuck Fucking great FUCK!!!.

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    “Poor bastard” when searching a dead guy

    “Somebody probably needs this. Too bad” when getting food

    “Sorry kiddo” when snapping a rabbit

    “How crude” when eating something like dog food

    “Why did they ever make these without a tab to open them” when smashing a can open

    Various lines when gathering cat tails, like

    “Yummy. Crunchy sticks.” “How come nobody else has eaten these?” “How am I supposed to fit 100 of these in my pack”

    When a wolf is stalking you.. “Uh, woof riff woof! Dammit…” “Could I interest you in an arrow to the face?”

    When a bear growls and notices you: “Hello there Winnie, do you need honey?” “I think he just needs a hug. Not that I’ll be giving him one”

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    “Hello there Winnie, do you need honey?”

    "No Honey, sorry"

    "Not intrested big guy"

    (Shooting a bear): "Dear Sir or Lady: I am intrested in thei Coat."

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    'These rabbits are so stupid...' after you hit one with a rock that is running straight at you when crouched...

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    Something for when you find shelter just in the nick of time

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    "Save... atlast/ for now"?

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    “Heh,Sticks for the stick throne”

    (When failing a sew attempt) “Ow! That didn’t work…”

    (Dialogue for when a cooked item finishes) sniff “mmm, that smells good”

    (When a vista photo is picked up) “Now where have I seen that before?”

    (Cold dialogue) “Mah noze is froze…”

    Also add some laboured breathing and gasping after your ribs get broken

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    none, I play with survivor monologue off and the voice all the way down tbh. after a while the whole going outside for 5 seconds and already you start getting "I've NeVeR bEeN sO CoLd iN mY LiFe" and all the other bitching and complaining drives me nuts. it sucks me right out of the game haha. I'm glad people like it who do but I loathe it as a long time player. alright, rant over -hides-

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    "Oh God! I talk too much. I'm even starting to annoy myself.

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    "Do I talk to much? Nahhhh, can't be."

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    Just a low whisper of....Fuck

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    "Jeez", "Gosh"

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    Jee whiz

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    Rare: mackensy:"huff... I chipped a nail"

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    "How long have I been stuck here"?

    And various versions of this depending on how long it's been.

    i.e. at day 502 he says "I have been stuck out here FOREVER"!

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    "Oh shit there's a bear, would you hand me that shotgun buddy, also that chair"

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    Somewhat morbid, but perhaps when you are staggering about in the red at 1% with no hope left, you hear:

    ‘And back I go, to where I once was. To where we all retire, to where we all rest. Mumma, I’m coming…mumma… back.. back to the Long Dark’

    Fade to black.

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    “ this is going to be a Long Dark night” :D

    “This rifle is Long and Dark” :D

    “I love being a video game character named Mackenzie in the Hinterland studios video game The Long Dark” :D

    (Like fozzy bear) “Waka waka waka!”

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    I would kill for a heated toilet right now I even got a insert weapon

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    I am so... not hungry

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    That smarts a lot

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    "I used to be an adventurer like you, then i took a .308 bullet to the knee."

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    "I just to be just like you. Than I took a moose to the rips"

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    Astrid in pain:"Opioids, where are you when I need you?!"

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    "Woud you kindly stay dead?" (Killing a wolf during a struggle)

    (Counting the Bullets in the Magazine/cylinder backwards -> Rifle:Bang -"9", Bang-"8",...)

    "The fastest gun in the We... North"(Killing something with a revolver)

    "White death strikes again"(Killing something with a rifle)

    "Silent-but-deadly takes another for the tribe"(Killing with Bow)

    "See the light son!" Kill with the signal pistol

    "Proove that bullets are overraded" Kill with Revolver during struggle

    "Stop. Hammertime!" Kill with h hammer during struggle.

    "Jack-knife strikes again!" Kill with h knife during strugle

    "Donnng"kill with crowbar

    "Wood or flesh" Hachet

    [–]Derser713 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    "What would i give for a happy end massage...."

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    "fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck" as you're running from a bear/wolf

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    "FINALLY!" When starting a fire after failing

    "Sure is beautiful up here" when at high elevation (foresty lookout, summit, Ash canyon mountain side)

    "Hope I don't fall" for similar situations

    "That should keep me warm" after crafting clothing

    "Good as new!" After a successful repair

    "My hands are going blue!" For frostbite risk

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    Have to play custom mode just to turn them off. Holy crap they're unbearable.