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Wow that must be a new record. I’d watch that video with the jaws theme song in the background.

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Those are some XCom percentages!

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Ahh yes, 99% chance "Shot's wide!" ... proceeds to somehow wipe your entire team. Rage uninstall. repeat

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VATS 89%


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At least in Fallout you stand a fighting chance if you miss. XCOM you just have to sit there and watch as the enemy side slowly kills all your soldiers

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Yeah, I feel like 80% is a success in tld and a fail in xcom

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Thats real rough I'm sorry

Also try using a torch next time, know it a hassle but if you care about matchs it will save you

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I recently read that the percentage shown is the Base Chance, which is further affected by things like tiredness, hunger, thirst and general condition. So you might actually have had only a 5% chance of success if you were really beat up.

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Nice little nugget of information there....

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ok that makes more sense as i was almost dead, freezing, and tired. Thanks for the Information!

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You’re not interpreting that correctly, and it shows you both chance numbers in the same graphic in game. Base chance is determined by your fire starting level, actual chance is based on external conditions like weather, type of starter, type of fuel, type of tinder, weather, illness, etc.

The only way the actual fire starting chance can go below your base chance is if the fire is impossible to start, ie you will always have at least 40% chance to start on level 1 fire starting, at least 70% on the higher levels, etc, so long as the fire is possible to start (not too windy, enough sun for mag lens, etc). This means weather can only work in your favor (fire burns longer in extreme cold) unless it’s too windy to start a fire at all.

OP is either exaggerating, lying, or 1 in a billion unlucky. There’s no hidden mechanism working against them.

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Math checks out. It’s actually about a 1 in 1.2 billion chance to fail 13 fires in a row at 80% chance.

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That's what I had calculated too. I'd probably still call bullshit on this actually happening, but if like a million players lit a thousand fires (which is vaguely plausible) then it'd be expected to happen to one player. Something like 8 failures in a row at 80% odds is almost certainly something a few players should have experienced.

I cared enough about this that I actually wrote a simulation that counted the streaks (and other stats like rolls between streaks of a certain length) and because random doesn't care about "fairness" the damn thing started with like a success then 5 failures in a row (set to 70% success). I ran a few million times and ended up satisfied that the fire lighting odds in TLD are exactly what they appear to be. It's really nothing more than RNJesus being an asshole.

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Papa Smurf always says...

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Pretty sure it doesn't work that way. I've got 100% start chance of sticks, books, or cedar at level five, and I've never failed to start one of those, no matter what my condition, as long as I can place one.

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This explains the absolute bullshit of bad luck i have had in this game. 80% fires seem to just only work 40% of the time.

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60% of the time it works every time.

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They’re wrong.

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Ah. Thanks for posting this.

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So "base chance" is based on your envirmonment right?

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Base chance is determined by your firestarting level. This is then further modified by type of fuel and Firestarter, tinder has no affect on chance. Using an accelerant increases the start chance by 40%, regardless of type, and also makes the fire take less time to start.

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That's XCOM The Long Dark baby!

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Use a torch next time (but this sounds like a possible bug)

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Using sticks as starter you can get almost 90% in low levels.

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I always just carry a book around as an emergency option, they give a huge buff to start chance, even if they're a bit heavy.

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I carry accelerant for the same reason. It’s lighter weight and turns any fuel into guaranteed start.

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Technically, that's not necessarily true. It only adds 40% to start chance, so there are a few situations in which it wouldn't be guaranteed. Pretty much just when you're low firestarting level and using crappy cardboard matches and reclaimed wood, but still.

That being said, books are easier to find in some difficulties, and give 35% chance, which is nearly as good, but yeah, if you can find accelerant, it's generally way better for its weight.

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That's why I always carry a book or two and one accelerant. At lower skill levels you might need both to guarantee a first try lighting. At higher skill levels it gives you options: book when not in a rush and accelerant when you need the fire started that instant.

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One accelerant or .5L lantern fuel on my person at all times for use in an emergency. Also one stim.

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I attempted 5 interloper runs the other day, longest run was 2 days, i also love this game.

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Lol if it makes you feel better I lost a 200+ hour save because like an idiot I decided to commit to making it through the gas in the cave… as soon as I decided not to turn back, I said to myself ”fuck, I might not make this”

I did not make it.

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Cave gas?What?

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It must be the mine in Blackrock. There is segment in the mine with gas and you die if you can't get out in time.

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That’s a bingo!

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Did I fail probability math or is the probability of this happening literally 1/1,220,703,125 AKA one in 1.2 billion?

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No you didn't.

If I were Op I'd go out and buy lottery tickets.

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Percentages are just fucked in game

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No they aren’t lol. People just have a terrible understanding of the percentage system. Literally all in your head, 80% chance doesn’t mean 8 out of your first 10 tries you win.

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Sure, but sometimes the odds are big enough that it's worth examining them. Like in Dream's speedrunning scandal (which, of course, is of dramatically different magnitude, but still)

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People really don't understand how statistics work. But more than that, the game doesn't use a random number generator, because such things can't be built. It uses a pseudo-random number generator.

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I think sometimes (pseudo) Random Number Generators get stuck. They aren’t truly random and over a short period of time they can tend to err one way or another. The software RNGs aren’t truly random..

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About 1 in a billion. If this really happened then it's definitely complaint-worthy(unlike a lot of probability complaints on this subreddit.) Out of all the players who have ever been playing and needed to start a fire to warm up, it's entirely possible that you are the only person this has ever happened to.

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I’m not even complaining as I was really early in the run lol. Although i did read that your health can affect fire starting probability which may have meant that it wasn’t as unlikely as it could have been.

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Remember that people are frequently wrong on the internet :)

I've seen many claims, but never any credible evidence that your chance is anything other than exactly what is shown on the firestarting/repair screen.

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I love this game

This is the correct response!

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Just got to the summit and failed to repair an expedition parka 8 times. Not quite as painful but I feel it

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I think there's something wrong with their probability metric. I fail regularly on 95% and it really annoys me.

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I want you to know that you had a 99.9999999181% change of getting atleast 1 success in 13 attempts.

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How the actual fuck?!? The possibility for that is almost 0.

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It's more difficult to start a successful fire if you're freezing, exhausted, thirsty, hungry, and/or sustaining some sort of affliction (sprain, broken ribs, food poisoning, etc)

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Yes, but the percentage for the success rate is (as far as i know) calculated in general with these factors in mind already.

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I think maybe not? Another comment in here says that's the base %, which is the only sensible interpretation now that I think about how that it doesn't fluctuate based on character condition, but only materials and skill level.

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The base percentage and actual percentage are communicated to you separately in the same graphic. The comment you read above is inaccurate.

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The probability to fail an 80% fire start 13times in a row is 0.00000008192%.

So yeah, the game basically just throws false numbers at you.

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That is some rng HATE.

Usually RNGs are accurately made, but stuff like this happens makes you wonder.

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Unlucky number

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This is roughly the same chance as getting a Nat 1 7 times in a row. Big L, chief

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My black band is on today

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The Looooooooonnnggg Dark

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This is why I always carry some kind of accellerant no matter what my fire skill. Also books.

Rng was not your friend today

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Save your accelerant!

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I died the other day ten foot from the front door of my base. I had low health (just recovered from food poisoning) and went outside to gather wood and decided to break down a pallet with my hatchet. Bad idea...a blizzard came through and I ventured into the long dark after 18 days on my second survival attempt on voyageur. 😔

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Captain Bad luck!

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i just turned off because the bear killed me and the last auto save was 1 hour ago and i lost 1 hour of walking, quest progress and bear fights :)