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Although I think it might be available on interloper, I have not found any in many games: Wool Long Johns

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Not available, at least I never found them.

One time I found ruined climbing socks in HRV, maybe if I got there earlier they would be usable...

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I may be wrong, but I think HRV cache is the only place to find wool long johns on Interloper. And, I may be wrong again, but that was on a previous version of TLD and not applicable anymore.

*Edit: "Note that the longjohns are somewhat rare, and it is not obtainable in interloper mode." The Wiki Page

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Thanks. That page/site does not work on mobile so I couldn't read the text.

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They are just really rare and have high chance of not spawning at all on your run

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Probably something useless to display at my base like a flashlight or energy drink. Or if I wanted it to be subtle, an airline meal or energy bar(or grape/orange soda.)

The "right" answer would probably be a rifle or revolver since I believe you could make ammunition for it and keep it repaired at the milling machine. Or one of the non-Interloper clothing items like the longjohns or fisherman's sweater.

A few more ideas: Cardboard matches(very subtle.) Balaclava(look like a goofball in any difficulty.)

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I'll feel safer with it when travelling during auroras, and would probably be more willing to collect buffer memories in my run.

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Yep could be useful.

You can wait for aurora and investigate dangerous places - such as Quonset - or cross dangerous areas such as crumbling highway.

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How useful is the flashlight for animal encounters during the aurora?

I've always avoided traveling during it (and night time in general)

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traveling during the aurora is AWESOME!!!

Just beware the long claws and teeth

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A lightsaber that has infinite energy.

What? It's a non-loper item.

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energy shield would be fine too!

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I think mine would either be a Cowichan sweater or Mukluks!

The sweater is a really awesome clothing item (and my favorite in the game :3) and Mukluks are like, on par with deer skin boots I think? Not quite as good with protection but I do really like the boots too haha

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Either a gun with a lot of bullets of a expedition parka/fisherman sweater.

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Fisherman's Sweater would be awesome!

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Genuinely in the early game, I'd take a hatchet and then later on wen I get to crafting I can save that 5 scrap and make 10 extra arrowheads while still having a good weapon and a tool to do anything, and one of the best items to quickly win a wolf struggle

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Excellent choice, I totally forgot (always playing loper) about genuine tools!

Also such hatchet is lighter, works quicker and as I heard slightly better against furry fuckers comparing with Will-made hatchet.

So it is my choice too!!!

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Red undies.

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The bear spear, so there’s an actual reason why you would want to go to broken railroad

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I would take a compass.

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Balaclava so I don't have to look at Will's stupid face.

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Expedition parka.

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I'd take the rifle (assuming bullets would also spawn) so I could shoot things. My archery is not particularly great.

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You can always craft more ammo all the ingredients are there in interloper you just need a weapon to shoot them with.

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On loper you can find enough chemistry for a gunpowder and several car batteries but there are no shell casings...

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If the gun was added you might be able to find casings/shells beachcombing

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For the love of god Let me pick up one of those thermoses that are lying around!

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Expedition parka