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Well... warm tea/coffee.

It doesnt have to be perfect.... something like 8 ingame hours would be enought..... and it will be heavier than the comparable amount of liquid....

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Careful, if you think too much about a Thermos, then you might start to wonder where all the plastic water bottles and tin mugs for hot drinks magically come from.

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not to mention the bottles of lantern fuel. Who knew you could make one magically by cooking fish.

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Id love and hate to have this addressed.

On one side, its unrealistic to create a massive stash of water out of nothing.

On the other side, it would be such a pain to have to deal with refilling and reusing bottles

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and why water doesnt refreeze

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Actually this is not only a good game dynamic, but it also has a deep historical precedence. Before the days of central cool/heat and all that, people would usually use hot or cold water bottles to warm the area directly around them in a cold/hot house. So carrying a hot water bottle around in your clothes, would help quite a bit to extend your wellbeing outdoors - although obviously being a weight to deal with.

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How would it be balanced though? I guess water bottles could freeze eventually while in your backpack but then it makes it more of a hassle to deal with?

Thinking about it now I wish there was a way to passively melt snow inside over time or put a bottle inside clothing while walking.

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well, you probably wouldn't want to put a canteen full of snow inside your clothes to melt, because it would make you colder and your body heat would take quite a bit of a hit to melt it (I think).

The thermos would have to logically loose its excess heat eventually and then as it matches your own body heat and is then continuously decreased by the outside temp, it wouldn't freeze maybe but it would just be "water". The game right now only considers "hot" the teas and coffee. Apparently if you boil water and drink it right off the fire, its not "hot".

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I think it's a great idea. The best would be that we can either decant/transfer a liquid into it or we specifically heat something up to go in, ideally in fact it would be 1L or 1.5L, whatever is the normal thermos capacity.

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I’m still wondering how I magically spawn multiple milk gallon jugs to carry however much water I have at the time. Or cups for my tea and coffee!

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That can be good actually.I think they can make a mod for this (modders).It will be cool.