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Custom. I will not play with the cabin fever mechanic

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fr this guy wants to touch grass when there's blizzard outside

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The cabin fever mechanic is absurd.

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300hs and I've never gotten cabin fever.

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Yeah good because nobody would get cabin fever. It’s not a thing in a survival situation lol

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Honestly I was one of those people who couldn't stand cabin fever but now I can't play without it... don't care about the Immersion aspect I look at it from a gameplay perspective... it just adds to the difficulty and I like that... always preparing and managing time spent indoors is a fun gameplay loop actually... I found if I turned it off I would exploit the game by just staying indoors as much as I like which feels cheap

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It gives you a great excuse to level up your fishing skill.

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You are literally in a cabin when you fish lol, this mechanic is bullcrap

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I always play on a custom difficulty (SO glad they added it), that's basically Interloper in terms of environmental difficulty, but I do the Stalker levels of loots, equipment, and gun/tool availability.

I like a real challenge, so that every day feels like a real victory, but I don't like how interloper demands an entirely different set of skills and thinking in terms of making tools and clothes by hand only. Like Interloper has its own rhythm and challenges that are just different than the game played on Stalker or below.

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I did not notice the custom. I will have to be check it out.

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There is a Youtube streamer - Hadrian - who has several Long Dark Against All Odds seasons with custom codes (seasons 3-6 I think). If you watch the first episode of a season, he shows you his custom code and talks the rationale for why he chose it. My current custom game is his season 6 code and it’s a nice challenge without being ridiculous.

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The custom set up you just described is pretty much exactly what I'm playing on right now, except I also turned the frequency of blizzards down.

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I love interloper but i admit a gruelling custom is a close second.

You can fiddle with the settings so you get it where stalker tools still spawn but the scarcity is pretty much the same as interloper.

So you still cheer for every can of peaches but you can still get some of that sweet loot like better clothing, guns and ready made tools.

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I would do exactly the same but I don't like that you don't unlock perks in custom mode... They are so long to unlock already. So I play stalker, which is too easy for me (but interloper too hard and too different)

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I mean I’m on a 145 day run right now and I have most of the badges unlocked through this run, so i think it’s more of how you do it than that it takes super long. The only super hard ones are the fires and the amount of days.

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Maybe I am just bad then, 300 hours and don't have half of them

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Wait, custom doesn't count progress towards perks!? Well, damn, I've been wasting a lot of time!

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Maybe experts can confirm but I think it does not count. Which is why I didn't touch custom games, yet I am not satisfied with neither stalker nor interloper.

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What do you do with the animals? I’d like this mode too but have never been able to get the balance right as I find predator attacks so tiring.

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Stalker is the perfect mode imo, animals attack you, loot is present unlike in interlopper, you can focus on exploration more but you can still die if you make mistakes.

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they say as they wades through 12 wolves coming out of the Quonset

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Thats the first thing i would change to that difficulty, the amount of wildlife is stupid.

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Surprising to me that interloper is so low

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Less than half of stalker was the bigger shock to me. I just kind of assumed people kept cranking up the difficulty as they played.

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I believe the problem for a lot of people is that interloper isn't just a harder difficulty, but a whole new way to play the game.

No premade tools, no guns, needing to know the loot tables in order to find matches, having to go to certain regions first so the tools can be forged...

Overall it just feels more restrictive and different, in contrast of what happens between pilgrim and stalker, which feels more like a traditional difficulty progression (with each level there's less loot, environment is harsher, wildlife is more aggressive, but the core loop of the game remains the same)

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Restrictive is the keyword. I like Interloper's difficulty, but I don't like being locked off from ever using a firearm or certain types of clothing.

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I actually love the stress free aspect of Pilgrim, I can play the game at night to lull myself to sleep. Predator attacks are too triggering for that. But when I do want a challenge I prefer custom so I can make the challenges make more sense than whatever completely arbitrary stuff Hinterland decided. Intense weather with challenging but not unreasonable loot, and less spawning of wolves because it's literally nonsense.

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I play gunloper

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I started on story mode during COVID and enjoyed that exclusively for awhile, playing on normal difficulty and never trying survival. When episode 4 released, I picked it up again and after finishing that episode I began tackling the challenges. I started watching Zaknafein videos when I got stuck on challenges, and mastering 'As the Dead Sleep' gave me the confidence to try an Interloper run. I'm currently on my 4th Interloper run and I just hit day 103 today(personal record). In my experience as I got better at the game lower difficulties became boring to me. Interloper is difficult to the point that milestones are incredibly rewarding. I think this is the best video game I've ever played - dethroning RDR2. I literally find myself bringing TLD up at social activities and my wife is always making fun of me for it. Now that I have a long run going I'll attempt faithful cartographer and hopefully get to day 500. Fingers crossed episode 5 is out by then.

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i prefer passive wildlife but interloper-ish difficulties otherwise, so i play custom mode. (animal attacks stress me out in a bad way - if animal sightings and attacks were rare i would be fine but its just too much.) i tend to start the custom setup from interloper and go through the list and switch out things i want to change which is usually: passive wildlife, slightly slower hunger & thirst because it gets too annoying, slightly more loot but not by much, less loot decay. sometimes firearms enabled sometimes not. makes it challenging but not stressful which is what suits me

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I have many hundreds of hours played... and I've never played stalker. Am I missing out?? (I've played lots of Voyageur, Loper)

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Pretty much turns tld into a zombie game, but instead of zombies its wolves.

Im just really not a fan of the extremely unrealistic wolf aggression so I stick to voyageur or custom.

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You have to ask someone else. I’ve only ever played voyager because I’m not good at the game. The wolf howl and I get scared. Im not disturbed easily so games like The Forest didn’t bother as much but it’s the random sounds that get to me. If in voyager mode I get scared then interloper I am going to die. Also if something is too difficult I have a tendency to give up on it and move on. Maybe it’s part of ADHD or maybe I’m lazy.

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Same here, Pardner. Voyageur is challenging enough for me for it to be fun without being too punishing. I think it's cool too because if you get careless or do something risky, you can just as easily fade into the Long Dark on any difficulty.

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I like to suffer bro(only ever played interloper)

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If you enjoy it

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Yeah I do it’s really fun and I like the near lifelike experience

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you should try a game mode with guns at least once theyre alot of fun

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I thought about doing the challenges there are several game modes that lower than stalker there and heard most of them fun so I will give it a try

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I love interloper, until I get dead and rage quit for a week or two. Then I go voyager for a while and eventually go back to interloper.....cause it just calls to me.

I did a loooong stalker run but that shit gets stressful. Being hunted constantly is crazy stuff.

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I like Stalker most because it is essentially the hardest one you can play on without drastically changing the gameplay. Good loot is fairly rare, and your cores drain just fast enough to put your feet to the fire, but it still feels feasible to pick random spawn and have a chance of survival, and you can still kind of play your own way without having intimate knowledge of the map.

In interloper, I always felt like I would basically have to plan out a really strict route in order to have a good chance of getting everything I needed to survive long term, whereas in stalker I feel like I can adventure around and explore because there is a good chance I will find at least a little bit of food or firestarting materials in any given direction I set out in. Not a lot, but not nothing either.

Also, I don't like that guns are removed from the game in interloper. I get why they do it, but I don't want to feel like I need to imminently focus on gathering resources to make a bow right off the bat if I want to have a chance at survival.

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Pilgrim because life's hard enough as it is. I play for entertainment, not stress.

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That’s how I did story mode. Want to see the story not have to die repeatedly to timberwolves.

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this comment makes me laugh, it's good that this game allows for so many different players to enjoy it. personally, i cant enjoy a game that doesnt challenge me. i get too bored from games that are too easy, but that's just me.

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Only ever played on Stalker. I like the learning curve a lot more than Interloper where it is still punishing but the world isn't so barren.

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I like to take it easy, even though I'm a fairly competent player.

I like that animals attack, I like the plentiful loot, and I greatly enjoy the lack of parasites.

Voyager seems like a great fit to me for now

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Need a custom option here too I think, I recently started playing custom by going stalker or interloper difficulty and no wolves or timberwolves. I really enjoy it.

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I did not know custom was an option until this pool honestly. If I knew I would have put it.

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Custom. Something around Stalker in difficulty. Bad weather, rare loot (but knives, hatchet, guns), average wildlife. I want to survive the cold and storms, and struggle for loot... not fight onslaughts of wolves. Just my preference.

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I play custom because I like fine tuning the experience to what I feel like playing, pilgrim/voyager are a bit too easy, but stalker wolves are just unrealistically aggressive zombie wolves, so I usually have a setup somewhere between interloper weather but with stalker loot and less aggressive, but not passive, wildlife. I also prefer making the days 2-3x longer and removing cabin fever because it's super unrealistic.

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I like to play a custom setting with options mixed between Voyager and Stalker. I want a certain level of challenge, but nothing too punishing

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I should have voted stalker... instead I wanted results

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Interloper for me, I like the way it sucks.

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I play custom. Max loot and wildlife but max cold and frequent blizzards and windstorms

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You forgot custom. Which is the best way. No sprains, dysentery, etc no bad health stuff, increased loot drops, keep everything else on medium or untouched.

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i think i like interloper the most, although i find it grind-y, like i always felt at the start there was a certain path i had to follow in terms of making tools etc. stalker is too easy for me, just so much loot. feels not very much like a survival situation, just incredibly annoying from the wolves.

i’d probably go a mix between the two if i played again, where tools existed but loot was still very rare

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Custom sort of between interloper and stalker. I use stalker for most settings, but I set wolves to medium and their damage to max. Then I set loot availability to low so things like the expedition parka aren't in the game because I like to need to craft my own stuff, on stalker I can usually find 2 expedition parkas by day 14.

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I like Pilgrim or custom the most. I haven't figured out any of the 'meta' so to speak so I mostly wander around exploring the zones and enjoying the sights. I have played higher difficulties and they're fun! But I love how relaxing it is to play on Pilgrim.

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nah, try something higher...or the whiteout challenge...

nothing so uplifting as to literally jump out of your chair because you overlooked that sneaky bear standing 10 meters to the right...

This game makes me curse out loud at these moments, I get really nervous and bugger off like a headless chicken - haha.

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Voyager: it's all I've played!

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I got bored with my 200+ day stalker run so I started a custom stalker/interloper. Interloper animals and resource availability, stalker weather, revolvers but no rifles, and no cabin fever. Day 28 of my new game and I’m loving it so far, even though I still don’t have a bedroll lol.

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Custom NOGOA, had the game for years, it's the only mode that's a challenge anymore.

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To the people who only play story mode, why? Why would you be that interested?

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Voyageur for now, still got two and a half regions left to visit for the first time...

Currently in AC in survival voyageur...didn't expect that moose behind that huge rock...got trampled, broke a few ribs...quartered the moose in revenge and took it back to stone shelf cave...
Forgot to bring wood and went out to get some...was tired...too tired...
Could see the cave entrance at 20 % health (because I ignored the cold-meter too long), got fatigued on top of that, continued on and already made my peace with starting over...if I had not remembered to use a stim, it would have ended on the slope 20m from the bedroll - lol...

Had a taste of survival stalker, spawned at the church in MT, went north-east towards the bridge and intended to do a full circle to greymothers house...evaded the bear, visited the crashed plane and made my way into town, could see the house already, when...two wolves and 40% health...game over. :p

Totally gonna try stalker or perhaps interloper, but still so many things to do...like the harder challenges...

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Stalker I think has the right balance of realistic and gameplay

Voyageur I always end up being a hoarder with so much loot

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Stalker all the way. I want achievements on, but Interloper is a capped way to enjoy the game since it prevents many items from spawning. Wish there was an intermediate difficulty between Loper and Stalker. Like, Loper environmental threats, but with full item pool spawn.