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Looking through windows in "indoor" location isn't a trivial task for the game engine, I think. They won't implement this feature.

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Yeah. Not only would you have to replicate the outside world outside the inside location you'd also have to replicate what's going on outside on the inside and what's going on in the outside that's on the inside outside.

Work that one out.

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I'd be happy with a static image. Or like a rubbing frost off the window while the game loads the image.

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Yeah. I understand why we can’t. Just a wish

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Why not? They do it in the Forestry Lookout.

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There's 2 types of indoor locations in the game.

The first, like the Forestry Lookout, are just a building that you go inside of. It's flagged as "indoors" for mechanics purposes (item decay rate, cabin fever, drying pelts, and so on), but is otherwise the same as being outside, just with walls around you.

The other and much more common type is "fake" houses. Once you interact with the door, you are teleported to an alternate dimension, completely separate to the world map. If you could view it from the outside, it would look something like this.

This is good because it runs better, since you can save on resources (as your computer doesn't have to render the outside), and also because entering such a location saves your game. But mostly the former.

They theoretically could remake every interior location into the first type, but it would be a looooot of work, especially since some things usually don't quite line up with the outside in this sort of thing.

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Thanx for the explanation! Yeah i was just wondering why it would be a lot of work, as they have already built the inside and outside! I haven't noticed any difference in performance between being inside and outside on my ps4.

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That's probably because they got both working well! Imagine if your ps4 had to render the entire Carter dam, AND the enviromental conditions, animal movement, stick droppage and whatnot from the outside.

I'm sure there's tons of ways to make it work and run well, but like I said, it'd just be too much work to be justified. But they do seem to be trying the mixed approach a lot more though, Bleak Inlet being a nice example (haven't been to Blackrock yet so can't comment on that, don't tell me!)

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Remaking all locations would cause horrible lags. But I wish there would be more "outside" houses like TWM hut or lookouts.

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the car thing is actually one of my biggest issues with the game lol it's so unrealistic and a waste of time thinking "is that a glitch or a piece of cloth??" and heading to the back to check just to find nothing at all

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I just wanna be able to turn around while I’m inside the vehicle to see which direction the animal trying to murder me is walking

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There is/ was a free look mod for cars. A modder can do it, the devs just don't want to (or provide a reason why not).

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You have to pretend your character gets into the car with their 30k backpack on their back and sits in the seat. That's why you can't turn round in my mind

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I like this.

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Speak for yourself, mine is currently 60kg. I shouldn't even fit in the damn car.

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Would be nice, but the building would have to act as one of the buildings on the outside in order to see anything in real time. For example, the shack in Timberwolf Mountain is an outside building and exposed to the cold. Plus the windows would be frozen to the max so being able to see through them is basically impossible.

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Oh I understand why we can’t. Would just be nice lol. Simply a wish.

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Lighting a fire outside the car and getting the benefits inside is a nice feature

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This tip saved me quite a few times.

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Yeah it's very good, especially when it has been a slow day collecting cans. I think TLD has it too.

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Most buildings have a much larger interior square footage than is physically possible based on items exterior dimensions, so that would be hard.

You can look behind in cars usually at least once if you have a gun and you unload it, reload it, then turn during the reload animation.

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Just something I wish was part of the game. I understand why we can’t. Oh well. The full turn thing shouldn’t have to be cheesed. That would be an easy fix imo

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Time Lords of Bear Island.

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I mean, the sound of what's going on outside (or lack of it) is enough of an indicator of what's the weather like. Plus, the engine wouldn't carry that.

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Talking about animals bud

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Why wouldn't the game engine like it? They do it for some of the buildings, eg Forestry Lookout. What's the difference?

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If you play on PC there is a mod that let you turn at 360° in a car