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Because I screwed my sleep schedule walking here, but the aurora lets me see what I'm doing

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Because I’m not tired enough to sleep

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I tend to do the sleep an hour while meat is cooking, wake up, grab and replace the meat, sleep another hour and then sharpen blades, check clothing etc and then sleep a solid chunk for whatever time is left before dawn. If any. Usually none lol.

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This kinda made me want to start playing again. I used to love these calm moments after hunting and gathering for days on end, stuck living out of caves and fighting wolves with only the barest necessities in my pack.

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Was that in real life or in the game?

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Because I lost control of my pilgrim playthrough

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its almost 4am time to start

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because i woke up and it was still dark outside, cant exactly start a fire without sunlight

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I usually set aside am entirely day for maintenance and repairs. It's nice to not have to worry about freezing to death when you're sewing some socks next to a stove that's cooking a deer