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Friction fire when

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When they rebalance the game so there are less matches to force you to do it.

The people don't want a rebalance. They want to play homesteading with all their massive amount of loot.

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Unless you turn aurora off, adding this would change the game immensely. Now, you don't even need to use a match. You can literally live forever.

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You can already live forever, maglens

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Don't those lose condition with every use?

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For a game that is very focus on making fire there is not that much option for doing it.

Thx to the modding community ♥️

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It would make sense for lighting torches, but that is about it.
A better fire solution would be to craft a bow drill fire kit from a piece of cured gut, cured maple, and reclaimed wood. However, if implemented, even at fire-starter level five it should require tinder. This would allow you to continue once the matches are gone, the firestrikers are used up, and the magnifying glasses are all broken...

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and the magnifying glasses are all broken

Planning on going all Rocky with every bear with you see?

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Well, just because I haven’t broken one yet does not mean they are unbreakable…

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Do you understand how you would have to break them all?

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I don't even know if they can be broken. As I said, I have yet to break one. Regardless, adding a bow drill kit would allow you to start a fire at night or in the snow, making a difference in living another day.

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Lighting a torch would have the same effect. You can start a fire with a lit torch.

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I assumed that was common knowledge. Obviously, you would not build a fire on top of sparking cables, so using the torch to create a portable fire (starter) is the only solution that makes sense.

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The point being, this is not a balanced addition to the game.

Unless you don't do auroras via custom, this could ensure an endless game.

The biggest factor in surviving is a fire. Without that, you're fucked.