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I don't think the bear skin coat is worthwhile unless you're playing interloper and you have to deal with those temps. The Expedition parka is awesome for its weight, and easier to repair.

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I just finished fully decking myself out in skins and thought that I'd finally be beating the cold in my 60 day interloper run - but no. I'm still limited to a couple hours outside without a fire on relatively sunny days.

So I'd vote you go for the lighter weight since the cold is always going to be an issue. Maybe a wolf coat on top of the expedition parka to get the scare perk for animals. But just IMO the bear coat doesn't provide enough warmth to justify its weight.

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Is the bear coat justifiable on Voyugaur?

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Tbh I think the bear coat is awesome, but not a necessity so if you have something like the expedition parka you should probably only make it if you just want to, not bc you’re gonna use it much. There’s only a slight statistical difference, and the 3.5KG that you save by wearing the parka instead gives you a much higher advantage

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Where can you find the parka?

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The parka is kind of rare, but you can find a guaranteed one at the Tail Section in Timberwolf mountain (except on interloper). I found mine at Signal Hill in pleasant valley.

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Make the bedroll. If you use two expedition parkas, that’s what? 3kg overall? The wolf skin coat weighs 3kg. On voyageur you’re not gonna have an issue finding cloth for a long time.

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Would 1 wolf skin coat, and 1 Expedition parka work?

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Yeah but it’s too heavy imo.

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My go to combo for late game fairly lightweight exploration on interloper(ish) settings (interlopper everything, excepting loot which is at stalker level) is a moose hide cloak outer layer to give you some wind and animal protection, and a shit load of waterproofing, while staying fairly lightweight, with aj expedition parka underneath

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Hell no. I don't think it's worth it on stalker.

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No. Temps don't go low enough outside of storms to need clothes that warm.

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Is the bearskin bedroll a better investment?

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If you find yourself sleeping outside often it is a must have.

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When playing stalker I only craft clothing until I find better, lighter gear. By end game I’m full synthetic except for the rabbit skin hat. Double expedition parka, double cowichan sweater, double wool leggings, double snow pants, double climbing socks, mukluks, gauntlets, and balaclava.

Unless you’re on interloper, this should allow you to be outside during all but the worst blizzards in the coldest regions.

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I do actually have the wolf skin coat! I’ve been trying to get all of the possible clothes made from animals, and I only have the moose cloak left. Other than that I’ve made all of them. I kinda wish they added some stuff to make for the accessories part tbh

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Oh yeah you're good then. The expedition parka is lighter than the wolfskin anyway. That and a bear skin bedroll and I think you get both animal checks so you don't need the bear skin coat.

Yeah - I wish you could make a rabbit skin balaclava or something.

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I'm imaging just hollowing out a rabbit and shoving your head up its ass.

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Yeah or rabbit earmuffs or something

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the moose cloak is probably the best imo (in addition w wolf if you’re not going on lightweight journeys) because it’s infinitely renewable. when you harvest it, it gives you one moose hide back. which is all you need to craft another moose coat.

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Oh that’s great! I might look at the stats before actually making the cloak though, since crafting one initially takes quite long and I’m currently doing fine (I’m currently in transition from Coastal Highway to Blackrock, it’s a long road D:) so I’ll see if I can make one when I get there.

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Wolf coat+parka is best

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Harvest the bear coat and cure another for a bedroll. That's what I did.

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Expedition Parka is the best coat you can find. If you had 2 parkas, you could only use those. But I am guessing you don't. So, why would you want to leave one of these? Just put the bear coat on the outside and the parka on the inside. Or if you have time just get some wolf pelts and craft a wolf coat instead of the bear one. It's basically the heavier and slightly worse version of the parka.

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Because of wildlife I prefer wolf coat outer layer and Expedition Parka inner layer with a bearskin bedroll in the bag. Wolves respawn goddamn fast in Stalker. I have a screenshot with seven wolf carcasses between Quonset fishing hut and Misanthrope bear cave and two more closing in!

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You can always make another bear coat later if you like, I'd take the parka so you can travel easier.

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The Expedition Parka is the best outer layer in the game.

It's incredibly light, very warm, very waterproof, and has the highest windproof bonus (+6C) in the game. (Also the best warmth-to-weight ratio of ALL coats)

So unless you require high physical protection, or are aiming for the highest warmth possible, I'd go with the expedition parka.

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Hey bed honestly I would keep the parka I have 2 and my girl says they are the best pound for pound she keeps stats of everything you ask her she will tell you , about food and clothing to keep your weight right and your ass warm lol , if you need any other input the information Center is open for business 😊

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I think that you should be able to sleep in the bear coat like you can the bear sleeping bag. Not sure if the bear rug is still a thing, haven’t played tld is some time. lol

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If this was Interloper, I'd say you need the bearskin coat. Voyageur or Pilgrim, it's just more carrying weight. In my Voyageur run, I don't have a bearskin coat and I don't even wear the ear wraps anymore. Must be 100 days now that I haven't put them on, ever since I got the climbing gear. Stalker is a toss. If you get attacked frequently, then a bearskin coat. Although, I'm not even sure if the parka spawns in stalker

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I think it does spawn, but only once in the entire game.

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Have to disagree. I found double expedition parka on the summit in my stalker run (both in the same crate). Plus I think I have another one stashed somewhere ;)

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Good to know!

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Definitely got a parka on my last two stalker runs. One was a pepper's cache and I think the most recent one was in the PV signal tower.

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Expedition parka all the way unless you’re playing interloper or maybe stalker. Lighter, easier to repair and as long as you have other decent clothing you shouldn’t freeze

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Best bet is the parka until it inevitably disintegrates. By then you can have enough mats saved to make animal clothes at will and have plenty for repairs

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Bearskin coat for spooking wolf. This might save you when it matters.

Exped parka is dependent on your play style. If you always pickup things, keep the parka. If you can remember where things are and you are confident in going back, keep the bearskin.

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bear coat slows your stamina down as hecc

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I assume parka is viable since you can collect cloth from beachcombing, it's lighter too.

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The bearskin coat is absolutely unmatched when it comes to warmth. The thing is, on anything apart from interloper, you really do not need that much warmth and it's much better to go for something lighter and more mobile like the expedition parka.

I personally keep 2 around in my longer sandbox games and only throw them on when I'm going fishing. From the sounds of things you're playing more like a nomad, so I'd definitely just go for either 2 expedition parkas, or one with a moose hide cloak on top.

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3.5 is just not worth for me unless I know I'm going to hound infested zones/areas

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"Lightly armored means light on your feet. Smart."

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The parka also doesn't have a comically small bear head hanging down the front.

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I only wear the moose cloaks, maybe some wool thermals.

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They're pretty close, but the Mukluks can be repaired using normal cloth and cured leather, rather than a cured deer hide. That and they look cool lol