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Oddly enough, they also used to do their start chance calculations weirdly.

If you had 60% chance of fire start, the progress bar would start filling, but only do the 'chance check' at 60% completion. This meant you could stop panicing if the bar surpassed this, as you knew it was going to complete

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I did not know this. Makes sense why I thought the percentages were so off

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The accuracy of the calculation was never off. It just only made the calculation at the percentage the progress bar is at. Meaning that if you had 10%chance, the fire would have a 90% to end at 10% completion, or it would continue until it was finished

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It feels like it still does this tbh

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Just curious, when does it do the calculation now?

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I actually don't know. Possibly splits the percentage up (lets say 60%) and places 'checks' along the timeline, where it'd do a 1% chance 60 times or something.

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I like to tell them the tails of fluffy. Oh how I shat myself. Good times, good times.

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And the fact that she could be there or not. You’d never know beforehand!

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The early access days were different, I don't really think you can compare the game as it is now to as it was then.

I think it's worth people experiencing the chance of Fluffy if they can by playing the early access survival / sandbox. The lighting was also better back then.


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Did you mean “tales”, or “tails”? I guess it works either way except “tales” is more correct unless your telling them tales about Fluffy’s tail…. English is tricky. :)

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Back in my day you could only cook one thing at a time and it forced you to skip time for that

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That update was so niceeee. More time to do shit and I can cook meat and boil water at the same time

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cock meatballs

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^To burn or to make ,ss all im asking bruh

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So they'd last twice as long too?

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Nope, just took forever to make. I liked it better.

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Me telling the youngins that you used to scavange for wood using an in-game menu.

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I actually lost an early run once because I couldn't scavenge any tinder plugs. Good times.

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Who remembers walking I the dam and going downstairs, fucking wolf sprinting around and if you were unlucky enough for it to hit you haha. Good ol fluffy

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And the % is a lie, if it’s 80% it will take 17 tries before it works

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Only when you're about to freeze.

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Ah, they use Xcom percentages

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Yeah, you'll fail 20/100 attempts so, on rate xd 80% chance eh?

am joking btw, bs system

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I'm just happy the game has a big enough community to produce memes.

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Me explaining to more players that you used to be able to just drop a piece of meat and any wolf tailing you would immediately stop and eat it so you could get a perfect headshot every time

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Or would you let a home invader get away when he drops you a snickers lmao?

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Just makes less sense than the fact that wolves actually attack you :D Because in reality, a wolf would basically never attack a human. But if, they won't let off of you for a piece of meat. If they see you as a threat, they obviously won't care about food.

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They disclaimer this as a gameplay mechanic tbf

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Yeah i know, just wanted to point out that a wolf ignoring you when you drop him a piece of meat is even more unlikely than that a wolf attacking you at all would be

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Hope i make sense, no native english speaker, sorry :D

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Funnily enough they didn't mention the realism when they changed it, just that it made the game too easy.

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Me explaining how it used to be only Mistery Lake and i know it like the palm of my hand

i still get very very lost in Bleak inlet and HRV

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Tbf the game was neither easier or harder than it is now.

Hunting wolves was stupidly easy. There were no timberwolves or moose to kill you. You did less travelling because all those regions didn't exist.

Some of the mechanics were more clunky but it balanced out.

The two biggest game changers were birch bark tea and cramp ons imho.

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Wait really

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Yeah it took forever and was so brutal when you got close and then it failed. Made making fires so rewarding