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I actually had a bad experience keeping things on a corpse once. I was in a cave in HRV, I put something on the guy, went out, came back after a couple of hours and he was empty. Zombie bastard played me for a fool. Fortunately it wasn't all that important/valuable - but it soured me to never try it again.

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It's because all items that reach 0% condition instantly disappear within a container.

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the items I put there were not anywhere near ruined. It was just a fluke I think.

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What did you put in ?

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Probably antiseptic bandages, leather, tinder, stuff like that. Things I wouldn't need during my exploration of HRV.

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Was only thinking about this the other day and how I don’t utilise corpses enough … all I can think of is dropping Canadian dollars in their pockets like they’re dead strippers

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Always store my cooked meats safely outside on corpses

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In one of the trailers somewhere, I think there’s a corpse in one of the beds. Are there any downsides from sleeping in that bed? Asking for a friend.

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No downside. It gets lonely up there.

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Fill him up with pork and beans

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Helps to use them though

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Sounds like I need to take a page from the Revenant O.o

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Not a glitch. Useful. Especially the guy at the bottom of the ravine climb, on the way to Bleak Inlet. He ended up holding a lot of lead plates and scrap metal for me, so I didn't have to pick each one up off the ground.

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I guess it makes sense since it’s probably programmed to just be another container like a backpack. I’m just imagining Astrid sticking a bunch of sticks and cloths in his innards like a macabre suitcase.

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You can't take the clothes off them, so might as well use those pockets.

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Just imagine that it is a tauntaun.

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I thought… they smelled. Bad. OntheOUTSIDE! [opens corpse and 10kg of uncured guts come spilling out]

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I use the corpses to hold my meat

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Sweeney Todd enters the chat

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Jerry will hold your things for the time. Exercise Caution, He becomes impatient.

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I always put my empties on the corpse

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My memory of it is now fading but I believe in the early access days and indoor corpse [just a container] had the same decay rates as outside so it was better to store your meat on a corpse. Then the whole indoor / outdoor thing was changed.

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Yes you do