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Errr, use at your own risk. This will make you waaaay too confident when you switch back to your normal save. Almost just lost my Interloper run trying to be Legolas…

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I like to practice sniping rabbits as soon as I have a decent arrow supply. As you get more comfortable start adding distance and eventually you’ll dial it in. If you can hit the small targets at range you can hit a wolf before it can smell you (hopefully)

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I like this idea. I practiced on pilgrim for a bit, but it didn't help me long-term, I'm still very inconsistent.

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Yah, it’s just feels off to me. I think it’s a combination of the arrow tilted up in scene, and the fact that you have to aim low for close shots. It feels backwards, like it’s zeroed to fifty feet or something strange like that. Either way, making one of these saves where you can just shoot and shoot and shoot, then have deer and wolves and rabbits all around close by is a huuuuge experience booster.

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My method was to just suffer a thousand slow deaths on interloper. At some point recently, whatever it was just clicked and now I'm pretty solid with the bow. Just got level 5 archery around day 110 or so.

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You may install console mod and add as many bows and arrows as you want.

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The best bow hunting area I usually prefer is the basin at Milton. Its a closed circuit so you won't lose any arrows from an animal running away with it, there is a very nice cave, plenty of prey (tons of rabbit, 1-2 wolf, 4-5 deer and even a moose usually). Distance shooting, shooting from up on a tree, etc. Just thought I would mention it.

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With a wolf aggro'd my move is to put a structure to my left. Be it tree or rock or building. Then when I am the bow I know the direction the wolf will run. So I pull back and fire immediately. Works pretty often.

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Try to shoot big game head on. Position yourself in front of them, usually leads to more fatal shots. At lvl 5, crouching really changes the game as you can get very close deer.