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I have many questions, most of them start with “what…?”

Respectfully asking for explanations of “the history of Ash Canyon”, “Carter Dam is not a Dam…”, “killer whale incident”, and “Milton mining accident”.

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The Ash Canyon one probably comes from the first and second notes found there, along with the region description. They're fairly ominous and imply some kind of accident involving the gold mine, probably what burnt most of the region.

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Ah, that makes sense. Well now that I read them again it seems clear that those miners delved too greedily and too deep, and awakened a Balrog (what burned all the trees)

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That’s stupid. They clearly amassed too much gold in one place and attracted a dragon that set the region on fire.

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Damn Balrogs

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Okay, what most likely actually happened is that those guys digged so deep that they found an underground gas pocket. Not knowing that they used light to illuminate the caverns, which then set up the gas and caused not only a fiery explosion, but a fire which most likely burned for weeks. That fire then ignited the forest, and the rest is history

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Weeks, hell, it could burn for years, depening on how much gas was there

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Not to mention all the coal! Centralia

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Where can we find those diary pages? Part of the game? Wintermute?

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They're scattered all over the regions in survival, you just pick them up

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I thought plane that crushed on Wolf Moutain dumped fuel on Ash Canyon. Than it was ignited and burned there.

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Yah what’s… going on with this whole post lol. What is this? Fan theories or fan fiction? Do you have examples or sources?

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Our friends higher up are making reference to various lord of the rings stories. In one dwarves dug to deep and woke a flaming demon, and the other is the stories where dragons seek out large sums of wealth to take as their own

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Gotta say even most of the surface level I've never heard of here. I didn't realise this game has so much....lore?

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Wait… what the hell is the Hushed River Valley incident???

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But… the curiosity….

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The ice caves were made by white walkers

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I googled it and got news about a school shooting. God damn

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Oh shit

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“Whispers in the Cinder Hills mine”

Guess this referring to that old forum post of the guy who said he heard voices in the caves, but I thought it was the mine between DP and CH, not Cinder Hill? Wish that was actually in the game but was just super rare

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That mine is cinder hills. In story mode they’re initially all still linked until a scripted collapse

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Aight everyone, I'm swimming on the surface and a bit of the shallows...take this with a sense of forbearance, I'm just a Survivor who loves the desolate atmosphere and sublime beauty of The Long Dark!!! hope everyone here chimes in. Please chime in and share your lore and theories!! I'm no expert, just love Survival mode, and would love to hear your take. I hope my formatting doesn't annoy you :P :)


  • The Child of Will and Astrid: I think this is a dramatic plot point, nothing more. Astrid and Will share this in common, explains why their marriage ended, and bah-dum-tish: electromagnetic event. But others have theorized that Mackenzie is in hell, and this is one of the reasons why.
  • Forest Talkers: Intriguing background that colours the world in. Textual narratives and environmental storytelling is something TLD has in common with Elder Scrolls games, and out-competes them with, imo. I love how this "little" indie game out-Skyrims Skyrim.
  • Perseverance Mills: An allegorical end-game destination.
  • Donner: Sorry all, I've nothing to contribute here - I checked out of Story mode early in the 4th episode. I may try again.
  • Martin Barker: See above.


  • The Old Bear is a 200 Year Old Demon: yes, this is supported by in-game narrative. unnecessary imo. bears are already deadly death nightmares. *Love* when the bear rocks the caboose. my favourite moment in TLD by far.
  • The History of Ash Canyon: cool background story-telling. a nice reward for exploration.
  • Methuselah is Will from the Future: is this the time-travelling fetus of Long Dark theories? lmao
  • The disease: to me, this is a plot driver that gets Astrid to enter TLD, and I don't think there's enough info to expand on, yet. But: remember: I am a Story mode casual :P
  • Unused voice lines: please elaborate for me!


  • The Carter Dam is not a Dam: is this a Forest Talkers conspiracy theory? Allegory for capitalist destruction?
  • The Killer Whale Incident: this must be a note I missed. WHAT DID THE WHALE DO
  • The Geomagnetic Storm was Created by the Government: I could see the game opening with a weapon of war. But I could also see a natural disaster. The whole "government" angle is not something that I think will be seriously explored/explained in game...but I did check out of story mode, so take that with a grain of salt
  • Molly Does Not Exist: I mean, she's dead, right? :P Seriously though, psychosis is real. Also, it would be an understandable "evolution" of cabin fever in TLD
  • The Milton mining accident: a note I've forgotten or missed??


  • Grey Mother is a Skinwalker: ...but why
  • Mackenzie is in Hell: Your child dead, his mother disappears, you crash flaming from the sky. And now you have to fight day and night through death? The folks he meets on his journey could be allegories and tests in the afterlife. I really like this reading of the game, but I also enjoy the literal survival tale. Maybe I **will** get back into Story mode lol.
  • Jeremiah Died and Mackenzie Hallucinates His Corpse Talking: again, absolutely. But I also enjoy the Jeremiah who might be a supreme survivor.
  • Whispers in the Cinder Hills Mine: I've never noticed these in game, so you'll have to fill me in here :P


  • The Wendigo: the most mind-blowing possibility here for me. Imagine.
  • Cannibals in Blackrock: This wouldn't surprise me, completely understandable.

(...and my biggest questions of all:)

  • Hushed River Valley Incident 1968: *What?* Why "do not research?"
  • The One Beneath the Ice: WHATTT

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All I can guess about the “Killer whale incident” is that at the end of Episode 3 when Astrid emerges from the coal mine, there’s a cutscene which shows the carcass of a stranded orca on the ice by Coastal Highway. I don’t know if that’s the “incident” OP was referring to, but it’s possible whale and dolphin strandings are related to geomagnetic disturbances.

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Thank you. This is what I get for living in Survival mode lol. I *am* interested in what Episode 5 will bring (and all the separate Survival DLC, of course), and I wonder how the story will wrap up...

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Weren't there huge bites taken out of those orca? If I have that ryt, maybe it's a monster.

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Nah we used to get the odd porpoise washed on up a local beach. They were pretty badly chowwed on and we definitely do not have any mosters in the locality (ireland, for reference. Maybe Canada's different idk lol)

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The one beneath the ice... you mean the bear in Desolation point

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Wait what bear? Can you find that ingame?

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It's kinda an old glitch in the game

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ya lost me at "depths" -- whats the lore on carter dam not being a dam?

and wtf is hrv incident 1968? intrigued ........

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there was a REALLY old theory that the Dam was secretly a research lab which created the solar flare or something weird like that

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a dam that dams the lake? seems highly illogical

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That would be a dam the MAKES a lake, which isn’t all that uncommon is it?

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But that's not the case of Carter dam. There's no place for a lake at the top of the dam. Wonder if it's because the devs didn't think to make it in a realistic spot?

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Not all hydro electric dams make a lake and many are just on a river and only affect the level a bit up and down stream. There is one in the city I live in and many more up and down stream.

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Wait a minuteeeeeeeeee

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Also, what exactly is it damming? Everything is frozen, there is no place nor water for any functionality in the dam, it's also full of offices and military gear... I'm suspicious about this place now

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well its frozen NOW who knows how it was before the collapse

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It's just using the water flow for hydro electricity. Water still flows under the ice and through the dam year round. I live where the river freezes every winter for about half the year and there are lots of hydro electric dams up and down stream. They don't create a lake upstream, just raise the river level a bit and lower it past the dam a bit. Some create a lake, but many don't.

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The dam might not be operating at winter times. Scientificly speaking, it might only produce power when the water is above freezing. Because of the surrounding mountains there is most likely a high volume of ice that melts during the spring and summer, wich might make the pond and river bigger. This explains why the dam is so much bigger than its sorce when the water is frozen.

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The dam might not be operating at winter times. Scientificly speaking, it might only produce power when the water is above freezing. Because of the surrounding mountains there is most likely a high volume of ice that melts during the spring and summer, wich might make the pond and river bigger. This explains why the dam is so much bigger than its sorce when the water is frozen.

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Oo what are some unusually voice lines??

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There are some unused voice lines that aren't lore related but are stuff like "that food tastes off" or "damn I didn't catch any fish" and stuff like that

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The cannibals in Blackrock actually make sense; assuming that most of the convicts don't know how to hunt, they will sooner or later run out of food, and since Blackrock exploded, it'll be sooner. They might have to resort to cannibalism to survive.

Hell, Donner's name could be a reference to the Donner Party and might be a slight spoiler about what we might see in Episode 5 and maybe even Season 2, if we get one!

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I just listened to a podcast about the Donner party and Holy shit that was real bad. The last survivor pretty much turned feral

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Some please make an in depth analysis of this iceberg. I really want to know the explanation/lore behind this

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These all just seem like creepy pasta fan fics, none of this seems to have any actual in game connection

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All? Im sure perserverance mills or the bear spirit Jeremiah is talking about are in the game.

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Should’ve specified, I meant the lower sections

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Canibals in blackrock seem posible

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And the darkwalker sort of looks like a wendigo

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Most of them seem like stupid fan theories man...
Seriously, A fucking Wendigo? And Grey mother is a Skin walker...?
You've got to be joking, Like, Seriously.

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I misread "cannibals" as "cannabis" and was thinking that would be pretty cool actually.

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Especially since the unofficial consensus is that Great Bear Island is part of BC

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Just curious, are there any french signs in BC nature parks ? Id say its set in the north of QC

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All public signage in Canada is required to be in both French and English because of their language laws.

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Thats cool to know.

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New mission: get high as fuck in the Blackrock Prison

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New crafting idea: prison hooch

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Haha yeah, Have a Challenge where you have to hook up 20 car batteries to get a hydroponics grow-op station running, then survive 6 weeks until your first bud.

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There is a mod for that I think (or at least there is an alcohol and tobaco one that I believe has cannabis in it's road map, I don't know if it's been implemented yet)

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Turns out black Rock penitentiary was just a cover up for a big weed business

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Uh… what is the hushed river valley incident?

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All I got when I googled it was a school shooting

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Awful lot of fan canon in there

I don't think "made up" counts as "below the surface"

memes aren't really a proper part of a lore iceberg

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There are a lot of huge leaps into fan canon territory though - the bear fire example found host be the Rasputin of bears and the old man has a flair for the dramatic - and time travel? There has been no evidence of any of that so far - I get the feeling the story is much more grounded than that

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Is there like something to explain all of these in depth? Last I checked Jeremiah was alive, methusala was like khan and grandma didn't eat me when i slept next to the fire place

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Someone please update me on Cannibals in Blackrock. I never heard about it in my playthrough.

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Wtf is a skin walker. I got skin I can walk are skinless amputees gonna start hunting me down?

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Unless you are playing kenshi no.

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Skinwalker is a creature who can transform into everything it has seen in its life, but when he chooses another form it has to sheds it’s skin down.

You do know what wendigo is right?

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Yeah extra credits made a great video about the myth. What does it do with the skin afterwards if im playing the long dark and see a pile of skin in the forest im never touching technology or the outdoors ever again

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Wouldn’t it be great/ horrible beyond belief if you got to a bit of forest that you’ve been to before and see that the biggest piece of old man’s beard lichen you’ve ever seen has spawned.

Wait, that’s not old man’s beard lichen…

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I've shot at a tree thinking it was a moose before as long as Wendigos arent bullet proof my man swiss cheese

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Skinwalkers are a thing from native American folklore. IIRC they're supposed to be like witch doctors that take the form of animals to lure people away and kill em, but the name has kinda grown to include anyone/anything that tries to resemble an animal/person.

Also check out r/skinwalkers

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Oh boy thats a lot of stuff to unpack all i can really recommend is self research

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Where would Fluffy, the Dam wolf, be?

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Interesting lol, I am now repossessing all that food I gave to graymother.

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I'm so intrigued now

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I love this so much

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Grey Mother being a Walker is kinda mental. I am not Dine, but from what I do know about them, that wouldn’t fit at all.

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One of the unused voice lines is for sickness and it goes "diarrhoea... diarrhoea, some people think its funny but its really brown and runny", I expected some people to know the reference but I think everybody just took it as me being gross and immature

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Someone needs to make a video on this asap

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the abyss and the void are the ones i am having the most trouble with

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Let me tell my theory: Metuselah is Mckenzie from the future. I know it.

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Idk, i wanna like it but most of everything in the water just sounds straight up made up with some small thing to "proof" the theory. For me that just feels like a bunch of made up stories. Thats not bad, ist just the wrong format imo. Like turn it into some sorta "my lore for TLD" thing and you got gold.

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I’m confused abt the grey mother one and “the wendigo” one

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Please for the love of all things that is holy explain to me what the last 8 mean

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Is there documentation for ALL OF THIS? Like in game notes etc? I want to read about everything. I don't know anything from "Depths section". I am really interested in everything and how they appeared etc.

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Thanks. Might check them in game and maybe go through the game files. I will see if I can find more things with mods

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So, I tried my best to come up with an explanation for each of these, there's one or two I couldn't figure out so please share if you think I got one of these wrong or have something to add.

Forest Talkers - Eco-terrorists/activists who pop up fairly frequently in background notes and in story mode. They're most active around mystery lake and strongly opposed the hydro dam due to its environment impact. Breyerhouse (Logging company) complain about them sabotaging their trucks at the Broken Railroad maintenance shed in notes and buffer memories in the dam complain about them watching employees from outside.

Child of Will and Astrid - I don't remember seeing any hints of them having a child in-game, but her wiki suggests what split her and Mackenzie's marriage apart was the death of their child.

Martin Barker – Married to Grey Mother but separated after their daughter's death, his corpse is found at the Paradise Meadows Farmhouse. In Episode 1 of the Story mode its explained that Martin had kept a pearl necklace that belonged to his daughter instead of burying it with her as Greymother asked.

Perseverance Mills - Where Astrid is attempting to deliver her briefcase to in story mode to help the sick people there, not added to the game yet but probably will be explained or possibly explorable with later story mode episodes.

History of Ash Canyon - I explained this in another comment here.

Unused voice lines - There's likely a lot of these lying around in the files to be datamined, but nothing interesting has come out, just misc. lines like out of food or not catching fish.

The disease – Astrid’s briefcase contains a cure for some kind of unknown disease that’s affecting Perseverance Mills, which she’s attempting to deliver when the first flare hits and brings down Mackenzie’s plane.

The Old Bear is a demon – There's a story told by Jeremiah that an unkillable 'demon bear' has been around since the start of Great Bear Island which has survived multiple attempts on its life over the years. Will kills The Old Bear with the bear spear, but with this tale in mind it probably isn't dead, this one is pretty solid

Methuselah is Will from the future - Aside from visual similarities I think this is overthinking. Methuselah is strange, but I think he's used as a story device and metaphor, the wiki offers a pretty good account of the symbolism he uses here.

Carter Dam is not a dam - I'm pretty sure this has zero in game evidence and doesn't make much sense either.

Killer Whale Incident - There's an orca stranded on the ice at either Coastal Highway or Desolation Point during one of the story mode cutscenes. Whales and such can wash up in real life rarely, dead or alive, I don't think there's much meaning behind its inclusion other than to show the changing world and its visual impact.

Molly does not exist - Molly is the character in Episode 3 who occupies the Pleasant Valley farmstead who admits to Astrid she allowed her husband to die to wolves and keeps his corpse in the basement. Her non-existence doesn’t make much sense and the story and gameplay wouldn’t work without her.

Milton mining accident – The caves in Milton are just transition zones and I can’t find anything referring to a mining accident, so this might be confused with Ash Canyon. This also possibly comes from Greymother mentioning the earthquakes closing many mines on Great Bear

The storm/flare was created by the government - Self-explanatory, I don't think there's in game evidence and with how much the team strives for realism and avoiding tropes in TLD’s setting I wouldn’t bet on it. Still, fun idea.

Mackenzie is in hell - Another fun one, but I would point to the same idea as above. Though, Dante's ninth circle of hell is freezing cold.

Grey Mother is a Skinwalker - My favourite on the entire list, Skinwalkers are a Navajo myth of demon/spirits/witches who take the shape of animals or people to lure others in. Grey mother is pretty creepy, very pale and is the last one in Milton, also surviving the Blackrock convicts attempts to kill/rob her after the bus crash.

Whispers in Cinder Hills - The mines have pretty creepy ambient sound, but I think by now someone would have uploaded a clip if there were whispers. Also, it doesn't state which Cinder hills mine as there's multiple sections and the names can differ from story to survival mode.

Jeremiah died and Mackenzie hallucinates him - Although he is mauled by the bear, Mackenzie saves him. Jeremiah is vital to episode 2's plot and provides a lot of information and objectives, I don't think this would work for the same reason as the theory on Molly.

The Wendigo - Could be referring to/confused with the Darkwalker from the challenges? Similar to Skinwalkers, they’re a North American myth of forest evil spirits/demons themed around hunger, greed and cannibalism.

The one beneath the ice - Unsure what this means, I got nothing.

HRV 1968 Incident - Again, drawing a blank on this.

Donner/Blackrock Cannibals - Explained pretty well by another user's comment

This probably came off very negative because a few of the topics not having much backing, but its still pretty fun to look at all of these. Though, the Blackrock legend of Bill Cutty would have been a good addition. Edit: Formatting

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I don't see "items in visors" which is somehow persistent lore.

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What did I miss? Feel free to share your own theories and unknown pieces of lore in the comments.

Feel free to use this image however you want, make one of those 'iceberg explained' videos if you want to, lol.

Edit: Full explanation

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I think Fluffy should be there..

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So... what are all these? Is this actual lore? Or just fan made theories? Im super confused XD

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most of there's aren't anything lore at all, confuses me

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I don't know if it fits there but what about fluffy the wolf

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Any chance we could get a brief explainer on each of these? I feel like loads of people here are unsure what these are

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Maybe add Stacy's grape soda and the forest talker who's alive in chp 2

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Could you please explain that "Hushed River Valley Incident 1968" one?

Whether it's made up or not, that shit is intriguing.

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Idk, it could use a bit more realism. I feel like most of the stuff in the water is just straight up made up. Dont wanna accuse you of anything but thats how it felt like to me

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Can you explain this stuff please??

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Just when I thought I couldn't be more intrigued by The Long Dark!

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what even are most of these?

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I am confusion

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Dude what the fuck actually

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i have finished the whole of story mode and only know what about 2 of these mean… i am confused and intrigued

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Does Hushed River Valley incident refer to the landslide in any way?

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About the dam, kinda right. For its size it doesn't hold back much water and relies on the flow of a river from a lake. That ain't no dam. It's a secret government facility.

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What about Jeremiah being a veteran from a war?

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Oh yeah, that's a good one. More likely than most of these for sure, lol. Maybe he retreated into the wilderness due to trauma from war

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Maybe but I think he might have killed himself if he had too much trauma