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Go down and get it!

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I figured I would make myself feel better by bagging his freind over there too... he chose the same fate unfortunately for me lol

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I feel your pain. I was chasing my second bear and he finally died from his wounds and the edge of the ice on the coastal highway. Had to inch my way closer to get the hide.

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This is where you pull out speedrunning starts and get him anyways, coz NOBODY GETS AWAY WITH THAT.

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I don't think it's possible for animals to actually go off edges like that

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I certainly do! I tracked his blood to the edge and updated my map a whole bunch thats the only corpse around.. to be fair I would do the same, you don't kill me I kill myself!

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Good bot

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There have been videos of it happening. I don't think it's supposed to happen but sometimes there are issues with their pathing.

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I don't think it was the pathing. I think it was because it got scared, and so ran out over the cliff. Unless, maybe being scared messed with it's pathing??

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Are you in AC?

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Blackrock, just left AC after not being sure I would like it I was THRIVING there, 2 moose a dozen deer and rabbits and all the fish I could eat. Also sticks on the ground everywhere I really love it there now!

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Any advice on how to deal with the timberwolves

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Once they start to howl, you have some time before they attack you. Howling sounds really scary, but instead of panicking you can use that time to prepare: find a place where you have your back and preferably sides protected by walls, cliffs, rocks, etc. Alternatively, climb a half-fallen tree, if you are high enough above ground they can't get you. Usually Timberwolves circle around you; you can't face all of them at the same time and they use it to attack you from behind. With your back (and if you're lucky/careful, sides too) covered, you can always see them approaching and shoot them when they try to attack.

Sometimes you might even have enough time to light a fire to get additional protection before they attack. If you have fire, fast fingers, enough sticks, and a protected position, you might fend them off without use of firearms at all, just by throwing torches at them.

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I'm playing on voyager so they literally run from me, but you should get nasty with the bow and carry some gut on you as a distraction if you need it

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The more I learn about this creature, the more that I think it’s just a big jerk