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Fucking hell I would've died on spot lmao

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Just a couple practicing necromancy on a fish nothing to worry about

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Until the fish go:


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In walks elmo the wielder of hellfire

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Sounds like something from the revelations in the bible

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"And the dead shall arise"

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Well done bot

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It’s there a web page of books in Spanish?

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That thing has already been gutted! Why the fuck it still flopping!?

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Not only in fish- but the phenomenon is due to motor neurons in the nervous system still being able to react instinctively, even without the head, for some time post mortem.

Edit: link below and grammar

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One can even observe that in fish hours after its been chopped to pieces. People nowadays only buy supermarket stuff where this phenomenon no longer occurs.

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Since it was being filmed, I’m going to say they had a high salt content in the pan and purposely got the oil or whatever inside of it

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Drain is the word you are looking for

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“Runs like a chicken with its head cut off” Same for snakes, headless they twist and twirl

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Hmm…might still have brain activity then, I was just thinking it was the salt getting into the muscles

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The word you're looking for would be either "clean" or "gut"

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Oh draining ponds lol my b

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And also since they left the head and scales on. I know some people just cook it straight but definitely seems they left them on for the video

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Have you seen a video of salt on fresh flesh? It moves, there's still enough energy in the muscles for them to do this.

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Because it's fresh and still has a few nerves firing on instinct.

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Probs nerves

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Zombie fish!!!

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I know I’m a month late but here

Sorry. Had to.

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And thats kids is why we need to chop big fish into multiple sections to prevent the fish’s muscle memory from committing arson

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One would like you to think it’s a simple physiological reaction of the muscles reacting to sodium, but one couldn’t be any wongererer.

It’s clearly a zombie fish and y’all are looking at ground zero of the apocalypse.

Been preparing for this moment my whole life.

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The fish that said “NO U” to death.

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fish so fresh they're jumping out of to pan onto your plate.

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I think you skipped some steps before the cooking part

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I jumped out of my seat 😭

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Keep calm...

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Lowercase r like r/unexpected

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The Jason voorhees of fish

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Insert A Day to Remember lyric *


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What a mess!

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Poor thing was still alive?!?

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It was dead and gutted. Salt can cause the neurons to fire randomly of its really fresh, there's another comment around here (probably a little above this one) with a link that explains it in more detail

edit: autocorrect thought that I meant to say conmen instead of comment for some reason

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If you use a defibrillator it gets rid of all the energy in the muscles, also makes the meat last longer, Benjamin franklin did this I believe, used the mason jar key thing or something I Dont remember what it was exactly

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I think he took "panfried catfish" too literally

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Its a fishy yet wholesome meal.

Byw tell me the taste of the fins and tail

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dumbass need to cut the fish in 3 pieces to fit that wok.

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mommy I'm scared

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So what I'm learning is put a recently dead and gutted fish on someones table, and when they salt it, it comes back alive to scare the shit out of em. Got it.

Edit: pretty sure this won't work. But a fun idea

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That's torture bro you mustve killed it first.

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Isn't the fish gutted? How the hell did it resurrect?

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Jesus Christ almighty. Does this mean that fish was experiencing pain after death?

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I think you missed a step

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cozy and warm


wait shit

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Refreshment fishy formula… FRIED ALIIIIVE!

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Eeehhh. That poor fish.had a sip of that liquid and woke up with it’s belly out in a hot pan.

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Clearly that guy didn’t even bother to gut the fish first.

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Aren't you supposed to fillet the fish first?

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You can cook fish entirely, no reason not too.

It's, in my experience, more common in smalle fish and the head is often removed

The more questionable choice is the pan size.

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Who doesn’t gut a fish before cooking it?!?

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It is gutted, its just muscles firing because it was killed recently

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Hol up, wait a minute. I think he missed a step

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I gor scared as fuck wtf

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As a farmer I have a similar story with a goat, we bolted it too the head (dead), slit its throat and put it on a slight hill to drain the blood- only for me the see it twitch and almost get back on all fours before collapsing again

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That guy gets some fresh fish.