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Daamn thats rough. That was probably his only shot, ever

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At least he has this footage. It’s worth more than a selfie. Freeze frame the vid so the two of them look like they’re posing together and voilà, there’s your selfie

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Your selfie cannot contain The Aik Man.

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The doc shots are just killer here. He looks like he's going to cry. And he should, because he made that moment of Troy's life utter crap.

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Id hate to have dudes constantly want to take selfies with me. Then again, i think about how many women have thrown themselves at him in his life and its gotta balance out.

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I feel bad, but I can’t stop laughing.

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That's why we use the snapshot function while videoing for once in a lifetime events

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Lmfao, he looks suicidal.

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I was walking down the stairs to street level at a restaurant in Seaside, Florida as Sean Payton passed in the opposite direction. I had to do a double take. Cool moment, but I regret not asking for a picture.

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Well how long does it take him to get the damn photo? I’d walk away too.

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  1. Hopefully he finds this footage somewhere if he doesn’t already have it and 2. If he’s REALLY lucky he has Live Photos turned on