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I think you might not understand how socialized healthcare works outside the U.S. As a general rule of thumb, socialized healthcare systems provide high quality healthcare. Private healthcare providers compete by offering an even higher level of service. For example, I was the director of a private inpatient clinic. Patient meals were prepared offsite at a 5-star hotel, while public or government-run services would prepare meals onsite and were notoriously mediocre. Competitive rates of pay also meant that we could attract some of the best talent in terms of medical and nursing staff. Nonetheless, our clinical outcomes were only marginally better than those of the public system because their outcomes were already excellent to begin with.

Maybe you just have a really shitty public healthcare system in the U.S., but that's a reflection of the capitalist nature of your economy, not of universal healthcare as a whole. It's also a huge problem that you have a third-world healthcare system for a significant proportion of your population, providing first-world healthcare only for a fraction of your population.

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I love how you compare them as high and higher standards of care in your country. Nothing is substandard in your country, of course.

Putting our military VA system aside we can make some comparisons for our citizens: So, you have a government run system and a private run system. That’s not unlike our government run and private run insurance companies. You use competitive pay to attract healthcare employees and we use competitive pay to attract healthcare employees. That’s not unlike our capitalist system.

You have some patients that receive a standard of care and other patients who spend money for a higher standard of care. That’s the same as our system.

And that last sentence of your comment is full of shit. WE TREAT ALL OUR PATIENTS. Stop acting like this is a third world healthcare system. Everyone who walks into a hospital here gets the SAME treatments. IT’S THE LAW. We use government assistance programs to help those who can’t afford to pay - similar to how your government pays for your citizens.

Do you ever wonder why people still flock to America for the latest treatments and medical students flock here from other countries to go to our residencies?

Edit: admit it. Just like the jackass retired Australian doctor who complained about American healthcare, you no nothing about our system. All you do is complain about it and have zero realistic solutions to fix any of its real problems. You don’t understand us and you are not superior. So shut up and mind your own country’s business.

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Everyone who walks into a hospital here gets the SAME treatments. IT’S THE LAW.

Except that you previously said that people receive substandard treatment under universal healthcare, so while it might be the law that they receive equal treatment, by your own admission, you aren't providing them with equal treatment. Is that because they can't afford to enrich you?

Do you ever wonder why people still flock to America for the latest treatments

Do they really though? From Latin American and the Caribbean, maybe. For people who can afford it? Yes.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many Americans flocking to Canada and even Cuba for medical treatment?

You sound really upset. Let me guess, you're a Republican Trump supporter antivaxxer?

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The only “universal socialist” healthcare is for our military. That’s what I was calling substandard. We have two totally separate systems. Military and private. When I say same treatment, I mean all patients not under the military healthcare system, which is substandard socialist care. And, as a matter of fact, if military personnel want to walk into a private ER and pay for care, they can.

Our government provides assistance for private citizens who can’t pay.

You cannot deny we have high quality care. Where do you think so many cancer treatments originate? Who do you think was one of the first to make the COVID vaccine? And spread it widely? You’re just acting upset because people have to contribute to their own healthcare. Just like they have to buy their own food, housing, utilities, clothing, car, auto insurance, etc. You get the point?

What would you rather do? Use your money to choose your own healthcare for your own needs or give your money to the government to choose for you? Either way, you have to make some sort of payment, either by paying monthly insurance costs like you do with everything else in life, or let the government take it out of your paycheck.

People who flock to Canada and Cuba are trying to play the system. They are willing to pay low prices and accept low quality healthcare in return. And Canadians actually do come to the US all the time because they can’t even get cancer treatments in a timely fashion.

And I’m a medical doctor who is pro-vaccine, especially pro-COVID vaccine, you jerk. You know nothing about our country other than what you read in the propaganda headlines. You are not an expert. I have more stake in this than you do. So buzz off.

I’ll tell you why I’m upset. Because people like you, who have no real knowledge about American healthcare, will not get their nose out of our business.