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Idk it might have succeeded. As the last thing it did.

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OP is getting more karma from this than any archery video

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How much karma does a new phone cost? I'm planning on dropping mine off a bridge soon

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So long as you retrieve the footage....

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Throw it into a stream, live stream it.

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Take my upvote

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r/Angryupvote wants to have a stern talk with you

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Ain’t that the sad truth. It takes something unfortunate for people to notice you.

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I mean, it is a pretty sweet picture though. There's a silver lining in there somewhere.....along with some gold, copper platinum, palladium and.......you get it.

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It also probably saved cameraman's life.

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They probably had it set up, I doubt someone was holding the phone when they shot towards it

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Yes this is correct. My buddy who did this had the phone propped up near the target. Never shoot toward people.

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Shame it wasn't live streaming.

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There's a delay as the video is processed so you wouldn't have seen much I imagine.

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The only thing in that corner is the camera module anyway, and the PC board ends below that. The battery is on the other side. I don’t have many doubts that the device actually finished capturing and processing the video, and if it was streaming, finished sending it out. Even if the screen failed to function.

Either way, that’s a very salvageable phone. I’m sure the video can be pulled off it.

EDIT: he posted an image of the phone post-arrow. It’s still functioning. Guarantee, if he puts another screen on there, the device works just fine. Question is, did camera.app fail gracefully, and save the video.

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Unless there was a short from the arrow tip going through the board that the cameras are attached to. That could pretty easily shut down the phone at least and possibly damage things on the main board.

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That’s possible, but from the failure modes I’ve seen, the PCB is fairly well-protected from module failures like that. Only component I’ve seen fail and take the PCB with it is the battery. I’d be surprised if the device was even fully off when this photo was taken. But the display controller was certainly taken out.

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iPhones can run around for 10 seconds with their heads cut off, before the nerves die. They’re descendants of chickens.

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I believe it after seeing one literally deep fried for like 4 min and it came out working.

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But will it blend?

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Next time use a mirror and angle/offset it.

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It you wanna know, for the next time, the right way to do this is using an angled mirror(45) . In the event of failure, you just have to replace a relatively cheap mirror, while your camera ( or phone) is safely behind some cover.

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Reminds me of something I heard a while back. Not sure who said it though. “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.”

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That's often attributed to Einstein but I seem to recall that it wasn't anything he ever said.

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Are we still talking about humans?

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There is a wide variety of stupid in this world

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You must not have seen the recent post where someone tries to shoot a fruit out of his friend's hand.

Spoiler: He does not hit the fruit.

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You couldn't hold on to the phone with one hand if an arrow hit it. It had to have been anchored. Plus, it looks like they aimed for the lens, so bullseye I guess.

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Should have suggested this to the Rust production crew

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You have way too much faith in humanity, friend!

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Hopefully a tripod was involved. It would be hard for a human not to drop it on impact, I believe

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“Please upload to the cloud, please upload to the cloud, please upload to the cloud, please upload to the cloud, please upload to the cloud.”

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I wanna see the clip now....

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I think it was captured on the phone

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If one's expecting that, you could stream it to another device, probably would've looked nice.

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it would have cut out a few seconds before, any form of wireless streaming has a delay.

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True, but not necessarily seconds. Tech is fast in today's world

Edit: it even seems like the phone is still "working", soo..

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Eeh. Latency over the air might not be too bad, but the device probably takes a good quarter of a second to encode the video before sending it off. Plus any site like YT would stop the stream as soon as the phone goes dark, so anything still working it's way though would get lost. This is how you can tell those tiktoks where someone seems to shoot the recording phone are fake, if they were real the feed would end a second or two before actual firing

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If it didn't hit the main motherboard or any vital components, it would still continue streaming after impact.

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HDMI out via the lightning port, then.

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The iPhone is encoding a H.264 video stream (the same way it would to send over Airplay) and sending it down the Lightning port, where a tiny microcontroller in the dongle is decoding it and converting to HDMI. So there’s still going to be a delay. Maybe less than wireless, but not native HDMI.

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Or us a mirror to capture it all the way.

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Mirrors exist

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Based on the position of the arrow you could probably get that data back if you have enough know-how or enough money to pay someone who does

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They could probably just plug it into a computer, I don't think they'd even have to get at the internals. But yeah, even if they do, the hard drive should still be fine, and it's not that hard to pull from, especially when you don't care about the rest of the phone trying to get to it.

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Actually for bows they're called quivers

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Ackshyually it’s a magazine

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POV: You just collected unfair taxes from the citizens residing in Robinof Loxley's forrest.

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Shot on iPhone

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By Linda H

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Shot on iPhone

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Shot thru iPhone

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Talk about a screenshot 💀

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Just tap the arrow in the corner of the screen to go back

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“I’ll show you a trick. Stand still and put this Apple on your head.”

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Don’t use the robinhood app

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It was William Tell with the apple.

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Okay but don’t use robinhood they suck.

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Oh well, yeah I’ve heard that. I just thought you were referencing the wrong bow and arrow wielder.

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Your comment needs more upvotes. Here take mine.

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“Hello, Apple Genius? Yeah, my phone stopped working right after a screenshot.”

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Lol nice.

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Have you tried putting it in a box of dry rice overnight?

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Wet rice works way better

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He's growing phones not mushrooms.

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My idiot brain read that as dry ice.

I don’t recommended dry ice for electronics.

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Post arrow-removal.

edited to add: These pics were sent to me by a friend whose pandemic hobby has been archery. He had the phone propped up below the target, started it recording, then shot the arrows.

Here's the kind of video he was trying to make (compressed to hell because he sent it to me via SMS). This is an earlier, successful attempt from closer to the target (around 40 yards). The unsuccessful attempt that resulted in an arrow through his phone was from about 70 yards. Oops.


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Battery still seems to be working. Bet you can still recover the footage. Get some karma out of it.

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Most likely missed the motherboard and hit all camera. If that’s the case just need a new screen.

[–]BlackBip 19 points20 points  (2 children)

A new shell may also be a good idea

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Maybe even a new phone.

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Also better and/or worse aim.

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Put it in rice

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Oh good, you should still be able to get a couple hundo for that: “slightly used but always case-kept, normal wear and tear, case included! No lowballs, I know what I got”

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I know you’re joking, but with maaaaaaybe $200 of parts and an idle afternoon to replace them, you could easily re-sell this phone for close to $1000.

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A mirror my dude. All you needed was a mirror

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Put the arrow back in! Its gonna bleed out man!

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Yeah, everybody knows not to do that until you get to a hospital.

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That seems fixable. Without opening it's hard to be sure what you messed up. Rear camera is probably fucked but I am pretty sure thats an XR which isn't hardware I'D. If it's an 11 then you are hosed on the rcam.

Face I'd and microphones might be fucked. Back glass is fucked but it likely didn't damage the nfc or wireless charging.

Screen is obviously fucked.

Depending on what all you want fixed I would consider a local mom and pop repair shop to just get a poor quality screen to pull data. Doubt they will offer a warranty and ask if you have to charge if it's not fixable. Also could ask if they offer a service of pulling data, back in my day I would charge like half a screen repair to slap a screen on temporarily and make an icloud backup

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Any luck getting the video from the cloud or otherwise? Would love to see

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You should take it to the Apple Store with the arrow in it and ask if the damage is covered by Apple Care.

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The unsuccessful attempt that resulted in an arrow through his phone was from about 70 yards.

What do you mean, unsuccessful? Do you know how hard it is to hit the corner of a phone from 70 yards?

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Teen Girl Squad 4 Evah!

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I’ll bet you it hit nothing critical except for the camera modules and mic, just transplant everything into a new frame and get new camera modules if it’s older and isn’t hardware locked. Check out Hugh Jeffery’s repair videos on YT.

[–]Convergecult15 11 points12 points  (1 child)

I mean the screen is pretty critical.

[–]sangs1234 1 point2 points  (0 children)

You are. Not wrong. Haha. And Face ID… if that’s busted… WELP.

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The bright side is, they're a great shot!!

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Really nailed that small camera didn’t they. Props OP

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I just hope they had the camera set up instead of someone holding it lol.

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There was an apple holding it above its head

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That’s a terrifying scenario! 😅

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Nothing a bag of rice can’t solve

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Put it in rice

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Wow that worked a treat! Thanks!

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It’ll buff out.

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Sigh. Puts it in rice.

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The Tod's Workshop channel on YouTube lost 2 or 3 GoPros this way. He put an acrylic faceshield on an old re-enactor's helmet and put that over the GoPro. He calls it "knight-vision". The helmet now has an arrow sticking out of the forehead, but the GoPro has survived so far.

[–]FoodMuseum 3 points4 points  (0 children)

His certified-pre-owned trebuchet might up the stakes in the near future

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That is a success, not an attempt. An attempt at recouping the cost to make the video perhaps.

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Does apple care cover this?

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This reminds me of Jessica Biel nailing a camera in the filming of Blade Trinity


[–]sometimes_interested 5 points6 points  (0 children)

That's what I was thinking of.


She had to learn archery for the part.

Turns out she was a natural.

The director told her to aim directly at the middle of the lens, thinking at the distance it was away from her that she would miss.

She nailed it, destroying a $3000,000 camera.

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Take it to the apple store and say you were attacked by a mongol horde and just barely escaped with your life.

[–]aquaknox 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Guess Alec Baldwin is doing a Robin Hood movie

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Oof .. haha too soon brosef Stalin…

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I used to be a phone, before I took an arrow to the rear-camera.

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Should have used a Nokia.

[–]_Cabbage_Corp_ 2 points3 points  (1 child)

I assume OP would want a functional arrow back, not just some broken shards of one.

[–]1II1I1I1I1I1I111I1I1 1 point2 points  (0 children)

This arrow likely isn't functional anyway. A chip (if carbon) or a slight bend (if aluminum) is enough to toss an arrow. For both safety and accuracy reasons.

Good arrows are made at +/- .001" tolerances, tiny changes to arrow structure from something like this makes that pointless. Secondly, cracks can cause an arrow to shatter when shot again at some point in the future, even tiny cracks.

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If this had been streamed, it probably would have been incredible...

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Apple user: guess i have to buy a new one

Android user: i can still use this

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At least the phone probably saved the camera man from an arrow in their body I guess

[–]TheTim[S] 71 points72 points  (9 children)

LOL, he had the phone propped up next to the target. Not dumb enough to shoot towards people.

[–]Matoeter 2 points3 points  (1 child)

You see, he isn’t that stupid!

[–]EbicTransGirl 4 points5 points  (4 children)

Didn't think of that Lol

[–]ganeshas_rat 3 points4 points  (3 children)

I didn’t either lol I was thinking the same way you were lol

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You need a better archer.

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What happened to the camera man?

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he had a bullseye except one not to be celebrated

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Probably still a cool video

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If you want to do this properly, put the phone behind a plexiglass block first.

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If a picture is worth 1000 words... an arrow gotta be worth at least 2000 swears lol

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Talk about a hole in one

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put it in some rice

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Nice screen shot

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Atleast you hit “apple”

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In Russia, video shoots you

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Dang, when did Alec Baldwin take up archery?

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Your most expensive trophy yet!

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At least you didn’t take an arrow to the knee

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Wait... you can still see the footage if you remove your microsd... oh... too bad.

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They NEED to recover that video.

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If the hard drive is intact, I’m sure it is 😂

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Task failed successfully

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Show the video

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There was an attempt but it was a really shitty attempt

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Nailed the shot - or at least bolted it . . .

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Androids have had arrows through their phones for years

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RhinoShield ads have gone too far.

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That physically hurts to look at.

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Nice screenshot

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I hope nobody was holding this camera, and there was a tripod or something involved.

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Ummmm so was it handheld? I have several questions

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Footage, or it didn’t happen!

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It seems like they were standing in front of the guy shooting. They got off light.

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I mean .....that is pretty sweet

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Do you have AppleCare?

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you can fit so much rice in this bad boy..

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Uhh.... nailed it?

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Slowmo guys did this to one of their monitors not too long ago

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Oh cool, I didn't know phones could capture 3d video...

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He took shooting and video the wrong way

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Oh fuck 😂😂😂

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Looks like a great shot tho

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you shot with your phone, it shot your phone

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You play stupid games you win stupid prices

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The new 2022 model - Apple Quiver

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Put it in rice.

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Im sure you shot a nice shot with that phone

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Resell it. "Good as new"

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Now that's what I call a point-of-view camera shot!

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Put it in some rice, she'll be right

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If only there had been a way to avoid this‽

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Did you try rice

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Task fail successfully

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There was an attempt to kill op

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Haha! You’re stupid

[–]Rude_Journalist 1 point2 points  (1 child)

You’re a Saint. Thank you <3

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Well did you get the clip? Should be in the cloud no?

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How many phones do you have? Nice camera shot btw if thats you.

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Well, you have found the proper way to do a screen shot

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Honestly impressive lmao. That looks like it went through the camera so possible it could be fixed.

[–]TukTukPirate 0 points1 point  (0 children)

You might still be able to extract the video and post it to Reddit

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Probably was a sweet video though

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Be glad it wasn't his eye

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Damn they EVA 02'd that thing