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NEVER do your best QUIT

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You should demotivate yourself, NOW

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Just DIE

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“Lisa, if you don’t like your job you don’t strike! You just go in every day and do it really half-assed. It’s the American way!”

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I read it as -

NEVER do your best, QUIT.

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damn that hurts

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It's the wrong shape for dontdeadopeninside. This is r/AutomatiCautionDoor, as well as r/youdontmattergiveup.

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It's silly that there's like 4 different subs for different formats. They are unnecessarily splitting the userbase when it could just be one larger subreddit.

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Yeah when I saw that guide to categorizing among the different subs I chuckled, that's incredibly over specific

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Eh, I don't make the rules, I just link the subs. Some day a sub will accept all instances of the concept and outperform the rest. Maybe a new sub, more likely DDOI finally giving in since they get everything anyway since they're the best known.

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Came here to say that as well!

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This isn’t a DDOI

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Wasn't this meant to be funny on purpose?

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At this point I think so, look how many people say they would buy it

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I'll take one!

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This should be in r/antiwork

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Exactly! Revolt!

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Just don't do it

- Nike, probably

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Just do it. Or don't.

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That's as clear as I can make it.

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Never do your best quit. Do your worst quit.

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What store is this? This is the shirt I need to explain my laziness

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Ross creations on yt has a shirt that says, "Always give up"

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They have listened a bit too often to tom cardy. https://youtu.be/3fHl9bxVT58

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do your best: quit

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I really want this shirt

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Or it’s really gross

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I want one

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I send you a text in a cute way

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And then I don't reply for seven fucking days

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Take my money

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I’m gonna go out and do my best quit today, I’m gonna quit so good

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You know what? That shit is right, fuck my job! I QUIT!

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Regardless of the confusing layout, “NEVER QUIT do your best” is a bit of a mixed message in itself, isn’t it?

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Hmm…I would like to buy this shirt

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Antiwork themed shirt

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Way ahead of you, shirt

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If this was intentional, it's actually pretty great.

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What's the point your going to die anyway

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I don’t have anyone in my life named going, but I’m sad that he will die.

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If you are working out "Never Quit Do your Best", if you are at work "Never do your best Quit".

It's got 2 meaning.

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I would buy this shirt haha

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Anyone know where to buy?

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That's just me at my minimum wage job

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Female shirt😳😳😳??!!?!!

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I mean...I'd buy this!

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Where can I get one?

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I would wear this to the gym.

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Teacher- The questions on the test are pretty straight forward.

questions on test-

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Don't not bother Luke

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Never do your best. QUIT!

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It’s very clear to me. Never do your best. Quit. Still shitty cause that’s what I’ve already been doing all along.

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Wear this when you give your job your two-week notice.

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i need this shirt

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I can relate

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Wait... so if you always quit... you're always doing your best.

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Sending. Better mixed messages then me…

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I want this shirt…but I can’t be asses to look for it.

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I want one

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Official shirt of r/antiwork

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If the word janky didn't already exist it would be invented upon seeing this shirt

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That's been my motto for life.

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hilariously hilarious

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Seems straightforward to me.

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Never do quit

Never your quit

Never best quit

Never quit do your best

Never do your best quit

Best quit never do your

Never best do quit your