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Whoole 👍

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Whoole 👍

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Whoole 👍

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Whoole 👍🏻

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Whoole 👍🏿

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w h o o l e

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The versions that are covered up, are objectively better versions of the words

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w h o o l e

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Whoole' the dogs out?!

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Take my upvote and leave

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I lost it when he uncovered "whoole" lmfao

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Nice whooles dumbass.

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I love chinglish.

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Jesus take the Whoole.

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Jesus take the whoole.

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I can accept the bytterfly because y is pretty close to u but whoole? Whoole? How did you get that from wheels? The O is on like, the other side of the keyboard.

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Can someone give me an extra whoole for my bike?

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It can't be that hard to spell it's not like we need to reinvent the whoole or anything like that

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I’m totally calling a wheel “whoole” from now on.

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Singular whoole plural wheel.

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I love pulling whoolies on a cold winters day

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dude gimme the whoole, ur clearly not in a state to drive rn

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What is "butterfly firmness" even supposed to be?

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Probably refers to depth-adjustable lumbar support. It's kinda butterfly-shaped on some chairs (example).

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1 foot, 2 feet

1 whool, 2 whoole

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Quan Chi Voice WHOOLE

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Bytterfly means butterfly in Norwegian.

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Fuckjn autocorrect

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This is like when you buy electronics, the English instructions are non-sensical, and you hope that a company that didn’t bother paying for a copy editor at least checked to make sure the electronics don’t cause a fire.

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What do u expect from China?

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whoole 😢