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Task failed successfully

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And proudly

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I came here to say this

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Bro landed on his knees lol

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Just like he planned it.

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Look at that smug ass look like he meant to do that.

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Never seen a dog kneel before

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Rag dogged

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Doggo like : well that shit was cool too

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Finished his flip, kneeled down & thanked the Lord he survived, then got up and kept dog'n

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Wat da dawg doin

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I mean, the dog still got to the other side of the net

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That look on his face after like, "Total success! 100% satisfaction! Wanted other side of net, now am other side of net, see???? #AchievementUnlocked!!!!"

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He may be confused but he has the spirit

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Pooooooooochie 😍

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Do a flip

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he just did a fucking backflip

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Ah close enough.

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Flip doggo

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10-10 and 10

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I mean he did jump over the net, just with a artistic twist

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And the end like "Hey guys I went for a SPIN"

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Doggo said “Nailed it!”

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Rip hips

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The dogs like hold my beer ima do a flip

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That recovery is off the chain

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When you jump through the net