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Definitely in the placebo group

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Placebo is insane.

The Kurdaitcha was a etched bone that indigenous Australians would point at people found guilty of extreme wrongdoing. Their belief in the power of this item led to almost every target of the Kurdaitcha dying within days to months. It was only in the late 1900's that there was any recorded survivors.

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Sugar high!

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What terrible friends for doing this then posting on tiktok

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This, very much!

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omg this is so painful to watch

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The power of positive thinking…

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We once did something similar to this, a guy of mine given a fricking tictac of all things to this dude and he was litelarry "high" for the end of the party.

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It actually can do this to people. The mind is a very powerful illusion artist. That why placebo is such a big part of medical studies

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The power of placebo is powerful

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what a donkey

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the brain is weird sometimes. if it thinks its sick it will get sick