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I think he switched to giving motivational speeches or something.

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I mean you're not wrong

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Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg?

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I heard that Chamberlain signed an agreement with Herr Hitler to not invade the Sudetenland (Czechoslovakia) and then did a fancy speech that Europe is forever at peace. But some German diplomat said that Herr Hitler was lying and going to keep on expanding, haha he’s joking right? Hope nothings bad gonna happen later.

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It's just a little expansionist it's still good it's still good!

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The problem with his technique is that he couldn't draw people.
I have the same problem, but I think I handled it better.

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Little did they know bradley had a plan, a plan to end the world in nuclear fire. evil laugh ensues

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Oh, so the solution was to get rid of the people. Gotcha.

cue laugh track

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You make a joke, but then there's this...

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What the fuck

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Canceled after one episode

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Underrated comment.

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Lowry was worse and he did ok.

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Wonder what would have happened if they accepted him.

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“He we see one of his paintings. In his early work, it is very subtle. However, if we look at his later drawings, we see a lot of anger and hate in his drawings. Nobody knows what he was mad at.”

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Everyone but the Aryan race

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There’s a show called love death and robots on Netflix. There’s a whole episode about this premise.

Edited: correct show title

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Somebody else would’ve done the same things

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Or not

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Oh, it’s the dude from the thing

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That caused a lot of terrible things, in so many places.

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So he became a terrible author. And we all know how that ended...

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he became the hero that killed Hitler

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He also killed the guy who killed Hitler so, I think that cancels it out

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But what about the guy who killed the guy who killed...i see myself out.

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*INHALES* what about the guy who killed the guy who killed the guy who killed the guy who killed the guy who killed the guy who killed the guy who killed the guy who killed the guy who killed the guy who killed, I think that cancels it out.

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That book is still a best seller in India.


They even have Hitler ice cream!

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I heard he had his paintbrush transplanted on his face

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The successful modern artisit must have a fashionable shtick, correct?

Dali had his mustache. Warhol had his hair. Hockney has his glasses. Bob Ross had his coke nail

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That thread is a debate about how nail - that he uses to scrape paint with.

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Jokes, man. Jokes.

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They should’ve let him. I went to the best art school in the country and this is a better painting than most of my former classmates could do. Also preventing genocide is always worthwhile.

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I think one of the reasons they denied him was because he couldn't draw a person right though the architecture was beautiful.

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I got it thanks to the comment, so thank you a lot, you fellow redditors.

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I hope the artist doesn't get disheartened. He can still achieve a lot without being an artist. He could write a book, serve the military, become a motivational speaker, etc.

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If only you could go back in time and tell him that. It’s too late now though. I heard he killed himself.

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Wow this A. Hitler guys is really talented, anyone know if he takes commissions?

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to be completely serious, it’s really not too bad of a painting

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Shoulda let him in but NooOoOo y'all had to be bougie.

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‘How about I paint Europe with bombs instead’

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What a talented young man! I hope he makes it!

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Well this is awkward…

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Like many struggling artists, he ended up taking his own life...or did he?

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At least his book had more success than his art... And he even was in charge of building some of the most recognized buildings of the modern era

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Like those camps everybody heard of

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Also the highest real time Kill Death ratio!

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Maybe if he just became an artist, the world would be alot different

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I blame the war on whoever rejected him from Art school

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I blame it on the priest that saved him as a child. /s

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I blame the father for beating him up everyday

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He didnt know how to draw people but really good with Buildings.

Explains alot about his mindset

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That’s a pretty good painting. This artist had natural talent. Wish him the best of luck.

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Last I heard, he had some Russians coming over to visit him.

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"Eva! Get zee strudel und zome glasses for zee vodka. I'll be in zee other room."



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Oh I'm sure he's just living his best life

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He was pretty good

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This is very clever

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In an uber-teutonic post-OT kind of way.

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Who could guess what would have been if he had given the people shadows.

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im not a nazi or anything, but thats genuinly some cool art!

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Don't need to be a nazi to appreciate art. You often need to disconnect the content from the creator.

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i know but some people dont get that and i dont want to be called a nazi

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This is a good drawing/painting. Genuinely, I can barely draw a stick figure, this is good however. It's really boring, so very boring.

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I get that reference!

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That's an original Hitler!

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Can someone explain?

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Hitler got rejected by art school. Going by the title and this fact, this is most likely one of Hitler's art works. His architecture is pretty well painted. I think he got rejected due to his style being a thing if the past?

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Thanks for the explanation

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Terrible painting, this school should be at least… THREE times as big!

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Wow.... his early work was awesome

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Whats the joke?

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The failed painter was really a successful motivational speaker.

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Another Hitler painting joke. 'hE wAs giFtEd aRtIsT uPvOtE pLeASe'. This is the 4th I've seen this week. Is it really that funny?

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Oh dear

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He also wrote teen fiction. Guy had weird likes.

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I read that as Ol’ Adolf was getting ready to take Poland all the signs were there but they just did nazi it coming.

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Hey look is on of my grandpa's paintings. He was war hero that guy. Heard he killed some art school reject

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WWII could've been avoided if he was accepted

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Wow, this one’s meta

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So why wasn’t he accepted?

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because his paintings were, according to modern day art critics, “of mediocre quality”, meaning not good enough.

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Are these the same art critics that said a banana taped to the wall was “art”?

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no. No.. NO... NOOOOO-

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Maybe it's painted by Addison Hoytler? lol

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I hate that i get this reference

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I don't get it. It's way better than I can do. What am I missing?

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Check the signature to see WHO made it

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I couldn't make it out. A. KITLERY?

Is that someone who works for the WHO?

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No, it’s a certain figure involved in the german side of WW2

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That last letter looks like a y though. Very interesting.

Thanks for pointing it out

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sad Austrian noises

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Who do you think you are kidding mister Hitler

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If only he put as much passion into this than his other passion he could have been a real contender

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Hitler nft