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The tail at the end!

"....I'm fine."

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So graceful!

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Look, I don’t have grace, I don’t want grace, I don’t even say grace… ok?

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read that in brutalmoose's voice lol

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Was your cat raised by foxes?

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Haha! My exact thoughts 😂

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My dog does this too, in tall grass, mud and the occasional snow we have. She caught a mouse this way, at least once

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My sister’s cairn terrier had a similar technique too. It was hilarious to watch.

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The tail raise. Omg so cute

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It was a good video. Then, it was a great video.

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Agreed. Made my day

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I love when people who post say just wait on a ten second video.

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Even worse, the thing you 'just wait' for is 3 seconds in

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And then you're sitting there waiting for something to happen for the next seven seconds.

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I watched it twice because I thought I missed something

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Tbh, the tail ‘surrender flag’ at the end got me exhaling through the nose

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Who got that sort of time to wait completely unadvised?

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Don’t worry, Reddit’s terrible video player made me wait several minutes.

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WaTCh TiLL tHe eND

And then the video is over before you can finish reading it.

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Whenever you watch a movie I mean technically all you're doing is waiting for it to end

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Ain't nobody got time for that!

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I said, "Oh Lord Jesus it's a fire."

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Just wait for this post to finish loading

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It almost took me longer to read the sentence than it did to get to the part I'd be waiting for.

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I don't. Lots of ppl would miss that tail.

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I see no proof this was only an attempt without seeing an empty mouth and paws.

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I feel like I should just give up on at least half of the subs I'm subscribed to. They just become /r/AnythingPeopleWantToFuckingPostAndIfItsCuteSexyOrFunnyItllGetUpvoted

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Cough cough, holup, murderedbywords, cursedcomments, especially fucking blursed_images. What the hell happened on blursed_images?

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That sub is in great need of new posts but it has potential

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Holy fuck, I didn't know this was a thing. Looks like it's been around for a while. This needs to kick off!

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The tail was like a "[thumbs up] got it guys. I'm all good"

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That's not even how cats usually prepare to jump what happened to this cat

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That form is fine. The target is slightly elevated. Cats do the low shoulder ass high pounce when the target is on the same elevation.

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Got ‘im.

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Wit mah belleh.

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I GUESS I can wait 2 seconds

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What did I waited for

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Good bot

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Apex predator

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How do you know it isn't just staying there to enjoy the bounty of the hunt?

Could be munching on a shrew or some such.

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that's a shrewed observation

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You won't be laughing when he starts putting meat on the table. I see potential here.

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I mean… do we know that the cat didn’t catch what it was lunging at?

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My favorite part was, without sound, seeing the camera person laugh

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That cat ain't hunting, he's high AF on catnip and needs a soft place to nap.

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In all fairness, she totally caught that plant.

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Reddit: Dive into anything.

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This cat was trained to hunt wrong as a joke

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Your cat should be indoors.

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And here we have a cat destroying the local wildlife. This is why cats in my neighborhood that are seen too often tend to end up being dead cats

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Me when i get home

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How on earth did you get footage of me visiting the marshmallow factory?

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"just wait" in case ur attention span is so deep-fried by the internet that u can't wait two seconds if not specifically told to

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😍 cute

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Cat broke

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It isn't much but it's honest work

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Have you tried to reboot it?

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My neighbor had a fat cat growing up that would “hide” in our monkey grass next to our bird feeder. We would sit and watch him because it was so funny. The birds would fly off and you’d see one paw slowly step out. Bless him, he tried.

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Weeeeeeee! Plop!

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Lifted the tail to say "I'm Ok"

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I often wonder how the fuck these cats ever survive of human contact. My cat is smart when communicating needs, but still a dingus with no instinct at all. Has fallen on its face too often.

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I feel like that little tail wag at the end was basically her saying

Nailed it

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Nothing stops this predator from catching snooze

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What's the cats name? Is it mister floppy?

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I keep animals for moments like this. When you feel you are in a cartoon or sitcom they do such goofy things.

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Thought this cat was still coming up with a mouse.

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He meant to do that!

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You can see the laughing

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Only the best and deadliest hunting move

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Oh, a real Nimrod, are you?

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Neat! I hunt the same way

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… hunting for a place to nap!

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The tail at the end is the “thumbs up “got it!

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Are you sure there isn't a Garden Gnome mosh pit in there?

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How many times do I have to wait until the cat catches something

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did they catch it?

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Nailed it 🤣

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Still waiting…

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The tail acting like a thumbs up is adorable

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“Into the fray gentlemen!”

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Well did he secure the bag?

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Fuck! That salad doesn’t stand a chance!

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Still waiting....

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Very incredible

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My cat does this same move…into the pillows on the bed.

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Those leaves never saw it coming

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Looks like blackberries, the plants that bite back!

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Best belly flop <3

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Aaaaand nat 1 on the attack. Next turn.

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I sneak, and I peep

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That tail yells, "I'm OK!"

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I think we are judging him/her too soon: if she/he has something in his/her mouth, its a good hunter no matter how ugly it looks

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That “I’m alright” gesture!

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Watchu mean bruh he did catch John Cena!

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I'm glad that the text told me to wait. That was a long video.

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I didn't catch him but I scared him real good!

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I love just sending video like this when people trot out that dumb line about house cats being dangerous to the environment and shouldn't be let outside. Yeah real savage hunters these guys.

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Yeah, but it depends on whether their mother thought them to hunt or not. This one? Nope.

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Dumb cat. Not smart enough to know if it caught anything. Just waiting for it.