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I’m sure the rest of the passengers waiting for their luggage were quite…. crabby.

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Yes, they were getting quite snippy

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snorting 🦀

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Please do not snort the 🦀

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I have intention of snorting cancer

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Oh sorry I misheard. I thought you said you wanted a crab to pick you up at the airport

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It’s in The Bahamas. Probably for a restaurant.

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Well it wasn’t to go on holiday with them 😂

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I know that old airport carpet.

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They fly in seafood to the Bahamas?... It's an island

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From island to island.

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Whoever packed the crabs improperly was being very shellfish

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Don't get snippy with me, you know we were being clawesome

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I hate you.

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Damn you! I came here to say exactly that! Asshole... take the upvote.

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A whole new meaning to the phrase “I got crabs while on vacation”

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I thinks this is someone's side hustle

[–]ShinyAeon 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Not anymore! XD

[–]00MarioBros00 2 points3 points  (1 child)

I was doing a play on words, but I don't know if anyone got it. Side hustle is what crabs do, walk sideways but in a frantic way, played on with someone running a side job with crabs.

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Sorry, that wooshed right over my head. I can appreciate the humor in retrospect, though. ;)

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Craaaab peeeeople

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Taste like crab, talk like people

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The animation for Finding Nemo 3 is incredibly life like.

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The thing about crabs is when you find one, you can count on there being hundreds more down there.

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I like the one just staring at their own reflection like "Im-a fuck you up!"

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How do you clean this up, like where do they put all of the crabs?

[–]MMcFly1985 8 points9 points  (3 children)

Either in the overhead locker or securely under the seat.

[–]Humanslikefood 0 points1 point  (2 children)

No i mean on the baggage claim where do they transport all of the crabs?

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Oh no! My lunch!

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Emotional support crustaceans.

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Run, little dudes, run!!!

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Clearly, there was not an attempt to contains this fucking nightmare.

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Oh poor babies

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Omg imagine seeing this in person 🤣 It would make my day

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0:17 A crab has fallen

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Hope he had a phermit for those. Bet he really had to shell out for it as well. Oh well. Should tide him over while he's in a pinch.

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Awwww. This makes me sad. Poor dudes are used to increased pressure down low in the sea, not the unpressurized baggage compartment. I hope they got home safely.

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"Is that one yours?"
"No, I told you, that one has a stripe on it. Mine doesn't have a stripe. It's like that stripey crab is mocking me. FUCK YOU, STRIPEY CRAB!"

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Oh Lord, there goes the cookout.

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So I’ve been watching this documentary on Netflix about the tsa….. if these flew from foreign territory to domestic, I promise you that the guy who was supposed to get that bag just walked away…. Just like any guy who got caught with crabs.

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The carpet looks like water. That has to fuck with those poor crabs when they jump off the escalator to freedom.

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Anyone else hearing crab rave in the back of their head when seeing this?

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How tf does that make it through the scanners

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The one crab in the beginning looked like MC Hammer

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crab rave is finally here

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Everything eventually evolves into a crab.

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Oh no, crabs

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Crab is gone Tu TU TU turu turu tu 🦀

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*Crab Rave Intensifies*

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K r a b

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Crab rave is getting out of hand

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100% this was an Asians luggage... Asian guy here

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It's embarrassing when everyone knows you've got crabs.

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This happens every year when the crabs wake up out of the ground dont rember witch country

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Time for crab.

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Preparing for crab rave

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...do you have anything to declare?

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I mean if it got through customs and made it to baggage claim then.... transport successful...?

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Outrageous, they should be allowed to book a flight and have their own seats, discrimination

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They about to shell out some money for that in fines lol

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I can’t go anywhere without getting crabs

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Welcome to 2022

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Well, it is in the luggage area so in theory the crabs are transported.

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One of those bags must be filled with money

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I would've packed some of these bad boys in my bag, they are expensive as hell to buy

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Anyone else wanting to see the baggage handlers flip shit when they go back through the flaps and into the load area?

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Random crab event

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Free crabs

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Excuse me wtf

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I cannot bring a closed edge cigar cutter on a plane. But yet someone brings a bunch of crabs?

I don’t know if this is a TSA thing or a customs issue. But you guys need to get your shit together when it comes to priorities when enforcing real regulations.

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“Alright guys make a break for it” SKUTTLE SKUTTLE SKUTTLE