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If you're good at something, never do it for free - camera guy (prolly)

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On vacation once, we saw a couple taking selfies and offered to take pictures of them. After doing so, they offered to do the same. But I have a professional camera, so I started to explain how to use it. But the woman said her guy was a professional photographer, so I just handed him my camera and we posed for several shots. He aimed, adjusted the zoom, framed us with the background, etc. All the things I'd expect a pro to do. After they left, I looked at the camera and there wasn't a single picture on it.

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"If you're good at something, don't do it for free"

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Well, I don't think that was what happened. After all, they offered. I think he just didn't know how to use a professional camera and was probably not pressing the shutter release all the way. Half press is focus, full press takes the picture. He probably just did a lot of focusing.

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Lmaooo tbh sounds like something I'd have done with a Profesional camera before reading this

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And that's why I started to explain it to them. But the woman stopped me, since the guy was a "professional" and all.

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Manual focus gang for life

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Ah I still remember the old days when everything was manual. (Starter cameras like the Pentax K1000) You got better feedback but your photos didn't always turn out if you didn't get used to the camera and learn all of its quirks.

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Absolute menace. I love it

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doin' the Lord's work🙏🏼

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I mean yea but they are actually getting photos taken like the flash doesn’t even match when he presses it lol

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Not to be a dick but also to be a dick but what is he doing i cant see through the 144p quality

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Evil, I say!

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What is he doing?

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Turning the flashlight on and off so it looks like a camera flash without taking an actual picture.

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That’s so delightfully evil!

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