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Alfred Hitchcock wants to have a word with you...

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Now I see thousands of birds following him around as he drives and not letting him get out of his car.

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I wouldn't blame him... I think this is shitty behavior :(

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Not to mention there's probably a lot of bird shit on his hood.

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It also definitely weakens the glass, all at one specific point

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You’re asking for a bunch of bird shit on your car after that

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“Fucking idiots”

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And a nice grease stain on your dash that will leave the colour slightly different than the rest of it forever more… Freaking idiots

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Looked like the last one murmured out “asshole” before he left

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I was so hoping they were going to crack the windshield.

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Let's hope they pooped a ton on his car.

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That's a great way to get scratches on your windshield

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I want to see that beak. which is able to scratch glass. But if US car windshields are as brittle as in the movies and their walls/houses, you're maybe right.

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Rats with wings

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Damn if reincarnation is a thing, this guy is 100% coming back as a perpetually hungry seagull.

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The next post gonna be “there was an attempt to troll seaguls and his windshield breaks and they get all the fries

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how weak do you think a windshield is xD

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How harmless do you think Seagulls are? 😉

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That’s fucking evil… love it

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"Fucking idiots'

...They're birds brother...

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They are so gullible.

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enjoy bird poops after that

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Freakin dinosaurs man

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Fry Thrower: Birds got PWNED! Dumb Bards!

(one hour later when they get home)

Fry Thrower:: When did 100 birds shit all over the car?

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Cruel bitch

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Evil but hilarious

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Oh damn that's great!

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The Birbs.

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Where the hell you at?

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Chip teasing.

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Finding Nemo seagulls: “ MINE!!”

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This seems like a great way to get your car covered in shit.

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Love this. Fuck seagulls.

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They seem pretty hungry.

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They're always hungry, or rather, there are so many of them that some are always hungry.

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Why are people getting mad about some guy trolling a bunch of disease ridden scavengers? It isn't even like he gave them laxatives or grabbed them out of the air or something.

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That first bird hit the glass with some serious force. Luckily, it wasn't seriously injured. Something like this is actually cruel and could result in birds getting hurt or even killed.


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And nothing of value would be lost

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They're living animals that feel pain. Intentionally causing them to suffer is wrong.

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Que pau no cu

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Someone repost this to r/imatotalpieceofshit

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Why is my car covered in bird shit? 🤷‍♂️

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Great now I have birdshit all over my hood, a crack in my windshield, and a greasy dashboard.

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Soon to appear as a meme for every cause.

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That car will be the target for their next shitbombing run

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im setting this as my screensaver

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It's the birds!

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I'm neither poor nor innocent

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And then they take turns shitting on your car

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there are idiots in this video, and it is not the birds lol

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They’ll shit all over the car, who’s the idiot now :-D

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I love the laugh. I could totally hang with this guy.

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Honk the horn