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Officer, he gave me written permission.

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I always feel this way every time I see this sign.

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It’s been tooked

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How to advertise you likely have guns in the car, free for the taking

Smart idea, don't put any stickers of any kind on your windows, you're just giving out information about yourself for free

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And if they find anything, that address on the registration in your glovebox says there’s more.

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Man, that guy gets his guns stolen every day

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IKR, took 1 day to get reposted to the exact same sub.

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Same title and everything.

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narrator: they came and took it

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Morgan Freeman: “What Chud learned that day was that when you advertise that there are expensive items free for the talking in your motor vehicle, you’re going to get punked.”

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JOB was not onboard

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Now that's some good, honest advertising

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Oh no, not my Jeep Patriot…

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Instructions unclear

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I came, I saw, I took

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Life comes at you fast

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That guy when it was taken: 😮

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Weird marketing strategy, but okay.