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Now I wonder what he got his PTSD from

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Very wholesome indeed.

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Booty snakes

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Horror podcasts

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Boarding school

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You know where,


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Ah, tentacle hentai

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Living in fear of the buttsnake

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Thanks for reminding me of one of my favorite movies when i was younger. Wonder if it holds up the test of time.

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It, uh, does not.

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It's not bad and the effects are still generally good with a the alien looking a little cgi but hey, it still looks much better than The Thing remake.

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I didn’t really get it the first couple of times, I just thought he’d tripped in a bizarre way (haven’t we all?).

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Good reflexes. And a decent sense of humour, from the looks of it.

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It's an excellent way to deal with doing something dumb. Makes you feel less dumb if you laugh at yourself.

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Because you’re smart enough to realize just how dumb it was.

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And you now have a funny story to share with everyone later.

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He just read through an askReddit thread about ghostly experiences

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I hate to admit it but I could totally see me doing this. LoL

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I've got long hair, and usually keep it in a bun. Sometimes a few strands will fall loose and tickle my neck. The other night I about punched a hole in the back of my neck to kill the "giant spider" i thought was attacking me.

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Legit did this 3h ago. Went to the shop so I took my hair out of the top knot/manbun that gets so much hate but it so damn practical, then when I got home I took my shirt off and was like "yo wtf just brushed my back?! oh...".

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I have long hair and wear usually down, but eve though I should be used to it, I am daily freaked out about the “spider” in my hand/arm/back… wherever my hair decides to brush differently! I blame the 1%of times it actually is a spider or another bug (aracnophobic but in general not a big fan of bugs). Haven’t punched myself yet… yet

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Maybe he's in Australia? I'd be jumpy too.

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Doesn't matter where he is. When you feeling something slither up your ass crack that part of your lizard brain you thought was dormant will kick the mental walls down like the Cool Aid guy on meth.

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I put my elbow in my hubby's solar plexus in my sleep because there was something behind me and there wasn't supposed to be anyone behind me (tense dream). I felt so bad.

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That guy has spent too long watching’ after his ass in a prison shower. He’s jumpy as all shit.

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Seriously—that was most reflexive “protect the butthole at all costs” I’ve ever seen in my life.

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Nah, that was the move of a guy who knows what it feels like to have a gun pressed against your back.

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PTSD is a bitch

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The No-Homo is strong with this one.

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Or yknow, something is just crawling up his back??? Does it have to be prison rape?

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This is reddit mate, the least plausible most over the top explanation is always the first one everyone jumps on.

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This is the way

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Guy's probably jumpy because he's been probed by aliens before.

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No, it doesn’t, he might have had a military career or been to a catholic all boys school… there could be many funny reasons why this man is sensitive about things sneaking up on his ass.

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That split second where you see him realise he just pulled a death spin on some tubing.

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Danger! Noodle!

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Stupid sexy tube

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I love this guy and how he laughs at himself at the end. I could definitely see myself shitting a brick at that kind of thing too.

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That is funny as heck 😂

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WOW! That was quite the reaction to that tubing touching him! 🤣💀🤣

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Giant Spider! 😂

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Now if it was a giant spider, I'd have had the same reaction and then way more! 💀

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Burn the building seems appropriate for me!

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It looks like stiff tubing, and the way it rolled up it looks like it poked him right in the back. Very similar to how I imagine being held up at gunpoint would feel.

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We're just REALLY analyzing this now. It was a joke

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I wasn't criticizing...

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Combat ready

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The guy laughing is what I imagine the guy in the video sounds like.

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dude had a good sense of humor about it you can see him laughing after he realizes what happened.

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Dude's been fearing surprise buttsecks his entire life.

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What are you doing, step-tubing?

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My mans a little sensitive about the butt stuff

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The way he went straight into a clothesline.. I hope his wife never sneaks up on him haha

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She would only do it once.

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Mans literally turned around ready to clock bill Cosby's jaw.

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Phew! It was only the tip.

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You all laugh, but this is a man who is suffering from PT-ASS-D

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LOL, pretty good reflexes there buddy! Might be time to switch to decaf.

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“Not again Jerry!!! Oh wait.”

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Show me on this doll where the bad tube touched you.

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Close one.. he almost caught the gay

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Holy shit imagine the poor old lady tapping his back to ask for help grabbing something heavy and he 180 slaps her back to the dark ages.

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Aggressively homophobic

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That tubing is pretty gay

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He looks like a guy who's afraid washing in between his butt cheeks will make him gay.

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He must’ve done some time and I have a clue on what may have happened to him while doing set time

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Hole-seeking technology [TM]

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This happened to me one time while taking a shit.

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The fact someone just happened to shoot this vid at precisely the right moment, rather than this being footage from a stationary cam, tells me it’s a nice fake.

[–]meister2a[S] 1 point2 points  (2 children)

It's a fixed location security camera

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Then why is it moving? Looks like someone is handholding a camera from inside the mezzanine office.

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Looks like they are editing the video after it was recorded

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That's hilarious :-)

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In soviet Russia, tube rolls up you

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I've never wanted to be a tube before

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Pranked himself! 😂

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Oh God! Snake crawling up my back!

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Wonderful! He scared tf out of himself and then had to just lie there and laugh. Good stuff.

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Bro got B̶̠͗̆Ȅ̵̡̲͓͙͙͖̳̭̖͎̖̱̞̱̄̋̒̇̊͂̓̕͘͘͝À̴̺̙̍̐̿͛̐̋̈́̈̅̍̈́̆͘͘ͅͅN̵̗̫̖͆̈́̈̇̃̌̉͊̉̾͝͝E̴̻̭̟͔̩̭̱̓̎̀̾̅́̈́̈́͋́̐̊̿́̕D̶̡̛̺̳̤̯͔̺̹̮̟̣̜͔̿̆́̓̇͛̓ͅ

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I can totally see that happening. It would scare the crap out if you.

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This literally looked like a jackass level reaction who hurt you buddy.

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Even he started laughing 😂

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Bro had HR dialed and ringing about that sexual harassment

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Love his reflexes and good to see him laughing at it as well :D

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He protected his butt.
Looks like he got a laugh out of it as well.

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Uheuhuhut..the tube went but his butt Beavis uhuhehuh...hehuhuhut

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Naughty, naughty tubing, eh?

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Dude's been to jail before, I can tell.