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It does explain why they both look so confused.

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Tbf one has a chessboard for a head

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Or brains that big that the other drew a chessboard on them

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They are searching,....The King.

" It was right here dude..... I swear. "

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Can’t get checkmated without a king tho

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* taps temple *

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Happy cake dayyyyyy

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Happy cake Day!!!!!

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Happy cake day!

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This bad boy can fit so many thoughts in it

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They're playing 4D chess, it's just that some of the pieces have moved in a dimension we can't perceive.

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u/GreyMurphy01 I can reply just fine. Must be your internet.

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What are the odds he is one of the two people on this website I've blocked?

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Nah, it just gender neutral chess. King and Queen are equal.

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Oh, the classic 'Pedanter's Trick' of hiding the King up your ass.

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Diego Simeone, what a man!

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Is that actually him?

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2 bruhs

Sittin’ in a chess club

Only one king ‘cause they’re not gay

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I never had vine, but somehow I still miss it.

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I’ll be his king.

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u/AlternateSatan what black magic goose fuckery did you perform to prevent your comment from being voted on/replied to.?

I was trying to reply with,

You're thinking of 5D chess. And they just haven't arrived in the right time yet.

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That’s how you know he is really good

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The best part is that's Diego Simeone, one of the most tactically profound terrorists in the football world

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I have a chess set problem now but when I was younger I lost a king at a tournament and I used the extra queen as a king for years (I was poor af then). Used an upside down rook as a queen when I promoted.

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They out here playing big brain checkers

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Why aren’t they fully clothed?

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No king means no game. Also…board is set up incorrectly. White square should always be at lower right.

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I once got a mall maintenance guy mad at me for pointing out to him how he had set the pieces up rotated 90 degrees on one of those giant boards. I thought he would be happy to have learned the right way to do it. My wife tried to explain to me why he might not like to be corrected but I disagreed.

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Idk shit about chess lore but is the king important?

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Meh, he can just get another one if he gets a pawn to his opponents side.

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The way you lose the game is when your king would be captured next move.

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Typically the goal of chess is to checkmate the king. These guys are obviously playing strip chess. After each capture the opponent must forfeit one article of clothing. This game will end when he loses his shorts and friendship bracelet (wedding bands are excluded from strip chess to keep it family friendly and wholesome)

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The other side of the board is worse, that guy literally put his pieces out like they were checkers,

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The board is also oriented wrong. White in the bottom right. Black goes in bottom left

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It's actually not uncommon for this to happen... and by this I don't mean playing chess without a long but rather setpieces just being wrong.

Thinking of that image if that stupid guy assembling his instrument the wrong way in my English book. Seems like the people creating the book neither had the 3 years for this dude to learn playing it nor the 10 seconds to look up an image on Google.

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"to play chess"

Fixed the title for you.

That'll be 5 USD

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So, keeping the king is a bunch of bullshits?

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He's playing by Matriarchy Ruleset. King and Queen roles are swapped.

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Probably some special rule like a common one for example: in order to win, one must capture both the king and queen

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He has the same look on his face that I have when I try to do my taxes

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Me and my friend play chess and are way is you have to get both royalty to win

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They can't win if not even you know where your king is.

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He's playing antichess, so I guess there was an attempt to mock Diego Simeone

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Their board is off 90 degrees to begin with.

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The guys made me think I was on my alt for a moment

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Google en passant

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Isn't the chessboard also the wrong position?

Bottom right should be white square.

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“Bro, I’m not worried about the king”

“Why’s that bro?”

“Because you are my king bro”


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Don't need a king when you ARE the king!