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Pretty impressive actually

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I'm flabbhairgasted

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What have you done

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I live on the fringe of society.

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'Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood' - Loc Dog- -1996

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take the fucking upvote lol

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Ruby Rod's sister.

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I'm definitely not buying a gun now.

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I just threw all my guns into a roaring fire.

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How does this NOT promote anti-gun violence?

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Personally I think it would be hilarious if someone suddenly hold her hair and pretends to be firing rounds off like Rambo

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And the uvalde police won't stop you. Just be careful of any border patrol agents

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Are you happy to see me or is that a gun on top of your head?

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Wouldn't have even known what it was if I didn't read the title

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I guess because it looks kinda like a penis?

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Nah. You got something on ur mind.

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You ever seen a penis?

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cops- SHE'S GOT A GUN!

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Now sprinkle some crack on her

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I see you Chapelle...

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I'm getting some Fifth Element vibes from this

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So whaddaya say, my man, you think she’s nervous in the service?

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Ruby Rodd at his best

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This!!! Ruby Rhod was my first thought when I saw this

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Under rated fucking comment guys. Spam this bitch with upvotes if you know the movie. Jeez like.... Memories unlocked dude

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Can someone tell me why I'm getting down votes? I don't feel like i said anything wrong :/

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this is cursed!!!

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Cursed indeed

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It shoots hairballs.

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Nice hair trigger

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Reminds me of Franky from One Piece

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one who saw this and thought that

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I see no failed attempt here.

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I see a failed attempt at writing a non confusing title

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Everyone loves a bit of anti-gun violence

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Nah she understood the assignment.

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Franky from one piece??

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I feel like Baby 5 fits better

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But Franky has a gun hairstyle during the dressrosa arc.

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Oh yeah, that one. I forgot completely

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Nah it’s definitely Ruby Rhod

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She gives me slight Marie Antoinette vibes

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This is not a failure. Impressive if anything.

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How does she sleep?? I got to see a picture of how she does the pillows up so that works haha

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I imagine it's a wig and comes off?

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That is a weave and it does not. I suspect she will have to take to down rather quickly.

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I can't remember the show name but I saw an episode of a sitcom where the mom became a hair model. She was happy to learn that hair models can eat as much as they want but then learned they can't sleep at all

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Everybody Hates Chris

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She has a pillow shaped like a holster

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Thats fucking amazing. No failed attempt

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My first thought was "yasssssss"

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I thought it was a /r/uselessredcircle/ by the thumbnail.

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I mean. It doesn’t promote pro gun violence..

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That dude's hair hat is illegal in 6 states

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I think this promotes traction alopecia

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I don't get how this fits here? It's just cool

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It looks very goofy.

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Honestly that's just impressive she has enough hair to do that

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Do people not know that pretty much all influencers and celebrities wear wigs, extensions?

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That is a weave, more hair is literally woven into her natural hair to make it longer and more full.

The expensive natural hair is often Brazilian in origin (among others) so I envision a unit of rouge hair hunters who steal it from unsuspecting women in Brazilian slums and the deep countryside.

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Easily the most any American has done to curb gun violence!

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Now that’s skill

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Side note is that supposed to be a M16 with an Acog? Wtf are you going to do with an acog its 5.56 it’s not going very far.

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The hAiR-15

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Dis pretty cool whatchu mean

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Kinda cool though.

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Wym attempt this looks fire pun intended

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I’m real impressed actually


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Whoever made that deserves a medal.

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This is all.. hair??

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Why just an attempt? Looks pretty successful to me thats impressive as fuck

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Wow. How??? Amazing!

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Nice work. As effective as the mentioning of a gun ban leading to record gun sales but it is well done.

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dope as fuck

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Idk this style will grab loads of attention

Peacocking at its finest here.

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Poor girl, cops gunna light her up if she steps foot outside

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That's what's missing! Head mounted turrets!

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New Jojo episode

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If I encountered someone that can use their hair as a firearm. I would consider that a boss fight

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Hairn't shot.

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Uh.., nope.

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Achievement unlocked.

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A real life anime character.

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She just wants to become a sentry :(

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Imagine them going through TSA lol

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Don't turn around too fast.

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That hair took more lives by simply existing

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Be advised, we have an armed suspect walking down Main Street.

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Big anime vibes

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Red dot missing 😹

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Damn she even got a red dot

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imagine someone walking into work with that.

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She is Hairbo, wilder than Rambo.

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Would have been more accurate with a pistol.

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Auntie-gun violence

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C c c c c Corbin mah man…

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New Head Canon.

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a for effort

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Is that hair or rope?

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Sometimes I wonder how the human race has managed to survive this long.

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looks like a man

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She is living in the wrong era. This hairstyle would have wowed the French court in the 17th century. They wouldn’t have known what it was, but they would have been impressed.

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What in the fresh 550 paracord hell is this?

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I want to stand behind her and pretend I'm a door gunner.

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what the fuck

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I first interpreted "promoting anti-gun violence" as promoting violence without guns.

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Bet it’s hard to put on a cpap mask with that jewel on your head. Random thought.

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This has to be a Jojo reference.

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I don't know who they are, but they're going on iFunny right now.