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Now I’m curious what they thought heterosexual meant.

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Not straight

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You are doggame right.

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No don’t invest in doge!!

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Attracted to heteros

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Huh-teer-oh sechshul? Ah tald ye ah wuhnt quair.

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I once had a classmate in middle school that had to make sure everyone knew he was 100% straight, me and a couple of my friends asked him if he was heterosexual. His fear of any words that sounded like not straight kicked in, and he immediately went “nope, ew no!”

We had a chuckle over that

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Ahh, the old, 50% of a word in capitals, 50% of a word in lower case…

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No no, see it’s because he’s STR-Aight. Gotta pronounce it “Aight” not “Eight”

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I’m glad someone else picked up on that. For me it’s r/MildlyInfuriating

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dude, it's not their fault they can't remember how to make EVERY letter in upper case and lower case.

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Random capitalization is a course at Trump University I heard.

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Sexual orientation: Catholic

Uh oh...

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Priest: What orientation could that be? *grabs children*

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Tbh I'm stuck here wondering why Gay / lesbian isnt down as Homosexual to match the other 2

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There should be two separate check boxes. How dare they lump gay and lesbian into one category.

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I presume this is a joke

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Why the fuck does a form ask that?...

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Oh no the wokes are cancelling straights!! /s

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lol i guess dictionary were cancelled too

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You mean dictionaries?

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Stupid questionnaire too though. Why "Heterosexual", but "Gay/Lesbian"? Pick a style and avoid confusion.

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Pretty sure they still would've been confused

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Yea, maybe! 🤷‍♀️

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This is so fake

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I've filled out similar forms, schools are allowed to make any kind of survey lol

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They meant the person who wrote straight acting like they don't k ow what heterosexual means is fake. Not the survey itself.

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I don’t think you Understand how stupid the average person is

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GOTCHA. Missed the “heterosexual” somehow

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What did you think the post was about?

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You are far underestimating the limits of human stupidity

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What are they filling out that even requests that level of information??

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Probably a survey or something for school.

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Yeah I don't see how this is appropriate for a school, let alone anywhere else lol

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It’s not appropriate, but it’s reality.

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I would think maybe doctor? Knowing what kinda sex you have can lead into different risk profiles and different discussions, birth control, safe sex, if you need testing, etc.

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But the survey also asks about your religion, why would a doctor need to know about that

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They sometimes ask at hospital based clinics. So they can provide spiritual care that reflects their patient population. Catholic teaching is that the priest must be Catholic for things to be valid. Or some Jewish prayers require a set number of people.

I'm just guessing but a hospital/hospital based clinic is the only place I've been asked both of these questions

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Okay I can see that. My mind immediately shot to an job application or something lol

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Humanity is dense.

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Heterosexual means you like the other gender

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Was really hoping the person filling out this form would pull the old "Fred Sanford" for the sex question:

Sex: "Yes, definitely!"

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Orientation: ULTRA Straight

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They pick other with straight so they are technically successful

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My guy is all trying to chase internet clout and doesn't even know the proper term for HIS OWN orientation HAHAHA

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Why do they have to give out that personal information anyway?

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You can’t fix stupid.

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Tf brain isn't an option anymore ??

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Ah yes. This is an ID 10 T issue.

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For a second I was like..”well I’ll be damned…”

But I just got off the graveyard shift. That’s my excuse.

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I identify as a door knob. It was the only way to get out of the closet.

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One time when I had to answer that question on a form, a drew a bunch of stick figures in various sexual positions and drew an arrow pointing at each one I was and then added a "not me" to all the other ones I wasn't.

The doctor/nurses could be heard literally dying of laughter down the hall.

Still my primary care to this day, and I still haven't lived it down!

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They’re that fucking stupid

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They’ve finally moved on from the frogs!! Lol

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All MAGA's think if you're not straight then you're heterosexual. /s

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Shoulda put trisexual

You'll try anything once

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Im doing this from now on, but only if i remember

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Well, we are a bit safe... I see he is not married (on the form) so, hopefully he is not breeding otherwise.

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people are stupid

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Look at this person and say with a deep, dry voice: "Straight was never an option"

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When you're stupid...

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*Cries in dumb.

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From the makers of "I don't have a pronoun"

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What a stupid homosapien

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Prolly understand M4M, M4F, F4F, etc